Dieting is no fun, it’s boring, it’s hell and it makes you face some unpleasant truths about yourself. Do you feel better for getting that off your chest? Okay, now that we can agree on all those things, let’s focus on the things that will make you want to diet despite them. What else but food glorious food!?

The keto diet is world-renowned and it seems like for the first time in a very long time, people are agreeing, it’s not quack-science. It actually does work! Why? Well, you’re getting fats, proteins, and plenty of vegetables with nutrients and minerals. The only thing that’s in the jailhouse is carbs. But food is boring without carbs? Be prepared to eat those words!


More cheese the better

Who doesn’t like cheese with almost everything? Okay, perhaps that’s a little too Americanized, but still, cheese tends to make many recipes better. Guess what? The keto diet adores cheese! It’s basically fat and salt, which is more than allowed in your dietary list of approved foods. Here are some recipe ideas.

  • Italian meatballs with buffalo mozzarella and provolone. As you can imagine, half beef and half pork meatballs, with basil, oregano, and red chili is already something to die for. Now couple that with marinara sauce that’s simmered to a high concentration and then bathe your meatball dish with full-fat soft cheese. Oh, mercy!

  • Cheesy bacon. Yeah, it sounds as simple as it is. Just cook some streaky bacon in the oven on a grease-proof piece of paper and then just before the rations are done, grate over some American cheese and stick it in the broiler for 30-seconds. Meaty, salty, smokey, and cheesy goodness for the soul.

  • Jalapeno cheesy parsnips. Okay, so you should cut down on fries because they’re full of evil carbs. But parsnips aren’t nearly as bad and they taste kind of similar. Roast some strips of this vegetable and then slather it with Monterey Jack cheese, cut up jalapeno peppers, and crispy bacon cubes. 



Indulging with a helping hand

The keto diet is full of amazing recipes but sometimes you need to indulge in the ‘grey area’ dishes. Corn on the cob has 27 grams of carbs per cup, but it’s so good with a knob of melting butter. Potatoes have between 25-55 grams of carbs per cup, but they go so well with some beef dripping fat. You can indulge in these sorts of grey area keto recipes, as long as you are using some kind of helping hand like shark tank keto supplements.

The three different pills of Advanced, Fit Pro, and Bodytone will work to varying potencies, so choose which one will suit your lifestyle and dieting needs. All of these supplements, gear your body toward focusing on fat burning rather than craving carbs. This accelerates the fat burning in your body so any extra carbs you may have taken that day can be combated on arrival.


The keto diet allows you to eat almost anything you want as long as your carbs are kept to a minimum. Add more cheese and bacon to some of the things you eat, you’ll want to keep following your diet in no time. 

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