Did you know that there are more than 250 recognized cattle breeds all over the world? This is an astounding figure. However, when you consider the fact that a lot of cattle are crossbred, you see that the possibilities are limitless.

This article will introduce you to some of the most common types of cattle breed, whilst also presenting information on the best beef cuts as well. So, let’s find out more…

What are the main types of cattle breeds?

  • Angus – There is definitely only one place to begin and this is with Angus. This is the cattle breed that most people tend to have heard of. This breed originates in Scotland. There are ten strict requirements that are put in place for an animal to be qualified as Certified Angus Beef. These requirements relate to likes of rib-eye size, marbling and hide color.

  • Simmental – Next we have Simmental, this is a cattle breed that was official established in 1806 in the Swiss Canton of Berne. When it comes to numbers, this cattle breed is the second largest on a worldwide scale, falling behind only to Brahman.

  • Hereford – As you may have gathered by the name, Hereford originates from Herefordshire in the United Kingdom. This cattle breed has long been popular for its efficiency and early maturity.

  • Limousin – This breed is native to central France, in particular, the old provinces of Marche and of course Limousin. The cattle are well suited or meat production as French breeders placed significant emphasis on strongly muscled hindquarters, a well-placed tail head, a strong top line, and a deep chest.

  • Gelbvieh – Last but not least, the fifth and final cattle breed mentioned is the Gelbvieh. Developed in 1850, this is one of the oldest German cattle breeds. After the Second World War, Germany used a strict selection program in order to repopulate its cowherd. A progeny-testing system was used for the likes of carcass quality and conformation. 

What are the most common cuts of beef?

  • Filet Mignon – Firstly, we have filet mignon, also known as tenderloin. All of the best restaurants serve this kind of beef.

  • Sirloin – Sirloin is ideal for those who are seeking a tasty and tender piece of steak at a good price. It’s good for grilling, which is important on a lot of diets, like the DASH diet. You can read up on can the DASH diet help stop gout? And other good informative queries like this online if you’re interested in further details.

  • Rib Eye – Rib eye is definitely one of the most popular steaks amongst customers. It is cut from the top of the steer’s rib section. This is where the meat contains a good deal of marbling, resulting in a full-bodied flavor and velvety texture.

  • T-Bone – Next we have T-bone steak, this is an extremely popular choice for barbecues, as this cut of beef tastes beautiful when it has been grilled.

  •  Brisket – Last but not least, brisket is one of the leaner and tougher cuts of beef. Thus, it is ideal for slow cooking.


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