Lots of people worry about what their smile looks likes, and don’t smile as often they would like. If this is you, you’re not alone. Many people struggle to have confidence in their smile. Feeling confident in social interactions is a big part of your daily life. Smiling naturally shows you feel confident, and can make you and others feel better. If you aren’t confident in your smile, there are some things you can do.

See Your Dentist

Some of your smile worries can be helped by your dentist. Perhaps you have staining from foods, so your dentist could suggest a whitening treatment to help you. If you’re worried about your teeth being in poor alignment, you could try braces or aligners. A dentist like Bruggeman Dental could advise you in the best treatments to improve your smile and make you feel better about it. 

Practice Your Smile

If you usually try to avoid smiling, it will feel strange at first to smile more often. Practice smiling by yourself at home to get used to it. Stand in front of the mirror and smile at yourself so you can get used to how your smile looks. Try smiling in a few different ways to find a smile you feel confident in. 

Practice smiling at someone else at least once a day, and then twice a day. Keep building up how often you smile at someone on purpose until you start to feel more comfortable smiling at people. As you get used to smiling, you should start to notice that smiling makes you feel better and makes people react to you better, making you want to smile more. 

Keep practicing your smile in front of the mirror. Instead of focusing on smiles that look good, just smile. Smile big, smile small, smile in a silly way. Just smile. 

Smile From The Heart

When you smile, smile in a genuine way. People can recognize a real smile that is warm. Smiling in a genuine way makes you seem much more friendly and approachable, so people will be more likely to react to you in a more positive way. People will also view you as being happy and confident, making them feel good about being around you. 

When people perceive you as confident, you’ll feel more confident. You’ll find social situations less stressful and will find it easier to make friends and feel good about yourself. 

Learning to love your smile can be a slow process, but it can be done. Have dental treatments that could help you to correct any problems that are damaging your smile confidence, such as staining or uneven teeth. Work on practicing your smile until you feel more confident in it and get used to how smiling feels on your face. If you’ve been avoiding or changing your smile to cover your teeth, smiling in a natural way might take a little practice until your real smile comes naturally to you again. Give it time, and enjoy smiling. 

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