A smile can get you places. It can send you to new heights in your profession when you exude confidence with a great smile. It can also get you noticed at the bar, when you’re looking to find a lover. It can also, make you seem warmer and more welcoming. So there are lots of good reasons for you to improve your smile. It might not seem important when you’re young because you have the beam of youthful skin and energetic eyes. But when you have been living for a few decades, you will want to improve your smile so you can open new doors in your life.

Looking thinner

In a recent study, sad faces looked heavier and smiling faces looked thinner. For some reason, people who were smiling, looked like their facial features, neck, mouth and cheeks all looked in proportion with someone who has a healthy body mass index. It was quite surprising but then the study of shapes also linked the research. When you smile, you tend to have an oval or triangle shape. Your cheeks flare out and your chin is lifted. When you have a frowned resting face, the chin is elongated, sagging and your muscles pool at the bottom of your face, creating a pear shape. So if you want to improve your smile, focus on lifting your cheeks more and out to the side. Don’t do the ‘lazy smile’ which doesn’t move these features.

A crooked smile?

It’s quite common for those that have crooked teeth to not want to smile. And because you don’t smile as often, you’re not as happy. Imagine if you had to avoid having an outward emotion of happiness, in every single social setting? No wonder you would have a frown around town. But custom veneers are going to give you that boost in confidence you have been yearning for. The pack comes to your home, with the soft molding material. You simply follow the instructions, bite down on the material and put it back in the pack. Then send it off and they’ll send back your veneers. They will be an exact fit to your mouth and they’ll cover your teeth properly. These are snap-on veneers so you have more convenience to take them off when you feel like it.

Regular visits

Just like any other part of our health, oral health is an ongoing thing. We might go to the doctor, twice or three times a year. But how many times do we go to the dentist? We should find time to care more for our teeth and gums. By making regular visits to your dentist, you can first achieve a better smile, then learn how to maintain it. It’s so important to talk honestly about your social anxiety regarding smiling with your dentist, they can help you to get the level of whitening, shape and size of your teeth that you desire.


We could all do with a little improvement of our smile. These are just some things you could do for yourself, can you think of any more that we haven’t mentioned? 


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