Dinner for two can become a bit of a chore over the course of a few years. The same old dishes, the odd takeout, and finding something to talk about can get tedious. This is normal, though, and you need to jazz it up a little. From planning to setting the mood, here are some ideas.

Prepare Yourself for a Meal


Just sitting at the table after fishing work or doing your hobbies won’t do. You may be uncomfortable, odorous, and filthy. You must prepare yourself for a meal whether you are cooking or not. Good dental care is essential, and implants and other devices help you painlessly chew again, which adds much more pleasure to your food. But it also helps to at least change clothes and wash your hands, as no one wants to dine with someone looking like a ruffian.

Plan Things Ahead of Time


As the cook in the house, you will need to balance time well in order to enjoy a meal with your partner and spend as much time together as possible. Most parts of almost any meal can be prepped ahead of time, and then it’s a case of cooking them when needed. And some can even be finished beforehand, like salads that just await a dressing. It also helps to know when your partner will be arriving home so you can pop things in the oven ready for when they are ready.


Set the Mood for Dinner for Two


Sitting on the couch and shoveling down convenience food each night isn’t dining as you should. It is just eating. And, when you do this, all enjoyment goes away. You must make your meals something to look forward to. How do you do this? Well, setting the mood is essential. Get out the silverware, use the nice plates, light a few candles, and turn on some music. Dining like this isn’t reserved for special occasions, and you can have a romantic meal together every night.

Wash as You Go Along


Having a family is a dream for some and not a priority for others. And only about 70% of married couples have children. Yet this makes it more important to spend time together, especially if you both have jobs. However, cooking can take a lot of time, depending on what you are doing, and some time afterward. So, wash your equipment, such as pans and utensils, as you go along. This frees up more time after a meal to spend together as a couple, doing what couples do.


Relax Together Afterward


It is vital that you don’t just go your separate ways after a meal together. Like walking out of the bedroom after you know what, it is a missed opportunity to really connect with someone. Your body and brain need to relax after eating food because digestion takes a lot of energy. Find something you both enjoy after food, such as streaming your favorite TV shows or music or simply talking about the day’s events. This should be considered as part of the experience.



If you both prepare for eating, you can make dinner for two, special all the time rather than a chore. Like a ritual, set the mood with music and candles, and enjoy the time afterward, too.

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