How To Ease Your Child’s Fear Of Doctors

It’s not uncommon for kids to panic at the mere mention of a doctor. Even something as minor as a routine medical examination can send a child into panic mode. While this is normal in most kids, it doesn’t help, as it makes it difficult to give your child the medical care they need. Of course, doctors are trained to calm their patients, but it’s also important to find ways to calm your child’s agitation. If you have a child afraid of doctors, here are some simple ways to ease those fears. 

  • Pick a hospital that loves to work with children

A relaxed and welcoming environment can help your child calm down, especially during their first visit. It’s important to find doctors and healthcare givers who love working with kids, as they usually have more effective ways, hacks, and tricks for making kids feel relaxed. For example, if you’re taking your child to see a dentist for the first time, consider a dentistry service like Serene Dentistry, with a staff that loves to work with children.  

  • Understand why your child is uneasy

Before anything else, you need to understand the source of your child’s fears for doctors. It’s easier if you shared those fears when you were a child. In most cases, children fear doctors because of separation anxiety, the anticipation of pain, and fear of the unknown. Regardless of the reason behind the fear, how you respond to your child’s emotions can help them or break them. Your number one goal is to talk to your child in a way that will help them overcome their fears. 

  • Accompany your child

As mentioned earlier, separation anxiety is one of the main reasons why children fear doctors or going to a hospital. The only way to prevent that is to accompany your little one and be with them throughout the process. When your child remains close to you and sees that you’re comfortable in the hospital setting, they can tap from your comfort. Also, your presence offers some reassuring security that they will be fine no matter what because your child believes you will not allow anything bad to happen to them. 

  • Communicate with them

For a child who is scared about seeing a doctor, knowing what to expect can be of considerable help. If your child is old enough to understand, explain how the appointment will go step-by-step to help them manage their anxiety and expectations. That’s because the fear of the unexpected can raise your child’s anxiety levels. 

Also, avoid using vague language when explaining a medical process to your child. For example, instead of saying, “you’re going for a checkup,” say, “the doctor will listen to your heartbeat today with a cool tool to be sure you’re fine.”

  • Prepare for the visit

Educating your child in advance is important to help alleviate their worries. And the sooner you start with your child, the better. You can use books and TV shows to educate your child about the benefits of visiting a healthcare provider and why there’s no reason to be afraid. 


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