For those who think that they have left the embarrassing health issues of their childhood and teenage years behind, here’s a harsh reality call. You haven’t. In fact, your body is not programmed to respond to age in that way, so that it actually doesn’t reject troubles that the mind believes to be reserved for school pupils. That isn’t to say that your body doesn’t age. But as it ages, it doesn’t develop a resilience against some of the issues that you’ve last heard about in the schoolyard. In short, it’s time to discuss the awkward health complaints that adults think they’re immune to.

Acne outbreaks

Most people tend to associate acne outbreaks with puberty, and consequently expect to leave it behind when they leave high school. In reality, there are several factors that can bring pimples and spots to your face, and while some are linked to the hormonal imbalance of your teenage years, others can be connected to the air pollution, your stress levels, or even the kind of food you eat. To put it briefly, age doesn’t save you from pimples. You can, however, consider a laser treatment to help your skin deal with it . However, it can only work alongside a healthy lifestyle. Fatty foods, high stress and clogged up pores also need to be addressed.

I need braces

For some reason, a lot of adults start to neglect their teeth because they don’t think they need to take care of them anymore. It’s not just a problem here, it’s an issue around the world and more people need to take dentistry (or стоматология астана as they say in Kazakhstan). One of the biggest issues with most adults teeth is that they aren’t straight. Do you remember this time at school when everyone called your metal teeth? If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid braces in your youth, don’t think that you’ve escaped them for good. It’s not uncommon for an orthodontist to recommend braces to adults in order to correct your teeth alignment – teeth that might have been straight in your youth could have changed – and to help improve the health of your gums. In fact, your teeth can be pushed back in place at any age with the right equipment. However, you’ll be glad to know that are now alternatives to traditional braces. So, if you’re thinking about invisalign or any of these alternatives, you might want to contact your orthodontist to discuss which option is best for you.

Measles doesn’t just target kids

Measles is one of these diseases that is associated with childhood and that, curiously, helps those who’ve caught it at a young age to develop an immunity to it in future. In general, there is no specific treatment for measles, apart from rest, lost of fluids and ibuprofen to control the fever. However, things can get a lot more complicated when adults catch it for the first time. In fact 45% of cases in the US are in adults of 20 or over. As they tend to become sicker than children, they face high risk and can be hospitalized.

The typical bent back complaint

More often than not, a bent back is the combination of growing up too fast and keeping a bad posture, which is why it’s commonly related to teenagers. Some of them are made to wear back bracing to correct the issue. However, it’s not uncommon for slight scoliosis to go unnoticed so that more and more adults now suffer from the condition. Additionally as the joints and the bone density degenerate with age, scoliosis has become a common condition among seniors. Don’t ignore it, physicians have found that they can treat the underlying cause to reduce pain and improve your movements.

There’s no such thing as a kid only disease. Pay attention to the signs that your body gives, and not to your age to define how you feel!

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