Confidence is something we should all be striving for, and if you are sick and tired of feeling bad about yourself then you should do everything possible to boost your self-confidence. For your life to be healthy, you need to have piles of self-confidence. You also need to think positively for that to even be a thing!

We are – as human beings – conditioned to think about everyone else and that can leave us feeling low. This leads to depression and cycles of anxiety and this can all be avoided with the right tips and tricks to make you feel better about yourself and your life. 

Instead of being stuck in self-deprecating cycles of panic and worry, you should look at all of the ways that you can be more positive and confident about the lie you’ve been given. Some people find confidence in walking in nature, whereas others find it by visiting a top dentist to help enhance their smile.

No matter which way you do it, confidence is something you can gain and we’ve got some of the best suggestions that will help you to be more confident every single day:

Go ahead and try something new.

It doesn’t have to be a hobby or a new job, even an outfit can change your own perception of yourself. Confidence isn’t about perfection, either. You can bet that it comes from your effort as a person and if you want to feel more confident and happier, then you need to consider the fact that trying something new can do that for you. 


Move your body.

Confidence isn’t about hotness, either. It’s about feeling good about yourself and moving your body with exercise is a good way to help yourself with that. Taking your body for granted will not help your confidence but choosing to move it with exercise, dance and even just a walk in the park will give you that serotonin boost that your body really needs. You can break up negative thoughts with exercise but make a point of being mindful of your energy. You don’t want to overdo it!


Clean up your social media.

If you keep a lot of people on your social media and you don’t actually speak to any of them, then it’s time to clear out. You don’t need a thousand followers to feel confident; you need people who actually value you. Your value cannot be tied to others but you can make yourself happier and throw more positive images your own way instead. You don’t deserve to be poisoned by a rubbish social media feed.


Start writing things down.

Writing down the nice things that other people say to you will help you to choose how you can feel that day. Reading back over the nice things that people said to you that week will give you a new perspective and make you feel more secure as a person. This is something you absolutely need when it comes to your confidence.


Dance it out.

Have you got a bouncy, happy playlist on your phone? If you don’t, it’s time to get one going! You need to hear the amazing music and dance it out from time to time. That energy will fuel you and it’s what you need to boost how you feel. It’ll make you smile, uplift that sadness and give you a reason to feel excited about life.


Stop saying yes to everyone.

It’s all about doing for you more than others sometimes. Your confidence is important and if you are people-pleasing your way through life, then you need to think about why you’re doing that. If you have a chronic need to be liked, then you need to slow that down and start saying no to people. You don’t have to be accountable to anyone other than yourself and you need to do yourself some favors along the way. You’re going to take the time to put yourself first and you’ll feel that confidence growing.


Sit up straight.

Have you ever been told to put your chin up? To sit straighter? The way we hold ourselves has a direct effect on how confident we feel. If you’re curving over like a prawn when you are working, it’s time to think about sitting up straight and feeling good about it.  Pulling your shoulders back while standing and making yourself feel better is the goal here. You may find it uncomfortable at first, but you should think about what this will do for you long term.


Be your own cheerleader.

Giving yourself credit for the smaller, daily accomplishments that you achieve every day is so important. If you’re not done with your day, don’t worry about it – work on the things you can do and cheer for yourself as you go. You want your life to be full of happiness and it’s going to be that way if you cheerlead for yourself along the way.


Be grateful.

Practicing gratitude is so important and writing yourself a thank-you note can help you to feel gratitude for yourself. People who are mindful of the fun, positive things that they have in their lives are often more confident and happy. Comment on things you like, email your friends, and write down why you’re grateful for the little things. Do this, and you’ll be able to embrace that feeling of confidence you’ve been chasing.


Make little changes.

There are small shifts that you can do in life and these shifts are going to offer you the most remarkable results. Increasing your self-esteem and confidence are your goals and knowing that you are affirming your life with small improvements will help you to do that. Affirmations can help and you should use them to feel effective and happier. 


Confidence is always the preference, and it’s why people do everything possible to feel happy and better about their lives. Don’t be afraid to do all you can to improve yourself.


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