When starting a new business, several factors will contribute to your levels of success. However, there is no question that impressing your leads is one of the most crucial features. While a great first impression doesn’t guarantee a conversion, it will significantly boost your chances. Conversely, a bad one could put an end to your hopes.

Here are eight great tips that will help you achieve the desired response again and again. 


#1. Give insight into the people behind the brand

Just because you won’t see the customers face-to-face, it shouldn’t be an excuse to enable a disconnection from you. People want to know the people behind the brand. This is why getting professional headshots and generally showcasing your team is vital. If people feel that they can like the people behind the company, they will be far more likely to convert.


#2. Show that you respect your niche

One of the biggest mistakes that online businesses commit is that they try to impress everyone. It is far better to gain a high level of conversions from your niche than fall flat with a wider audience. From choosing the right semantics to posting on the social media platforms that your target audience uses, the rewards are huge.


#3. Have a unique online presence

By now, you already appreciate the importance of visibility. If you want to stand out from the crowd, partnering with a dedicated software development team is key. They can produce apps or user-facing software to create the wow factor and added sense of professionalism. It encourages users to interact with the brand more frequently, which can lead to conversions.


#4. Boost SEO with GMB

Developing an attractive website supported by a clear SEO strategy will help you gain visibility. Moreover, people associate a high Google ranking with trustworthiness. For the best results, though, you should use your Google My Business page. It allows you to provide updates while also using the power of reviews to your advantage. 


#5. Use video content

Whether providing insight into the company or showcasing a product doesn’t matter. Using visual content including video marketing is vital. Not only does it add excitement, but up to 95% of the message will be retained compared to just 10% of text. Attractive product photography is another very useful tool that will aid your site.


#6. Have lots of landing pages

There are plenty of stats that highlight the positive impact of adding more landing pages to your site. Ultimately, it gives you the chance to direct consumers straight to the most relevant page and guide them to the intended CTA. It makes the path to conversion far smoother and quicker, which can help you secure more sales before they look at competitors.


#7. Add customer care tools

Most customers accept that mistakes occur. However, they will not forgive a company that makes no effort to correct them. Likewise, they have a demand for fast answers to their questions. A dedicated virtual assistant or customer support team can make a huge difference before the initial sale and for years to come. 


#8. Utilize social media channels

Finally, the average internet user spends at least two hours on social media each day. As such, they are very likely to find your brand via these channels. By promoting yourself in an effective way, you will create more touch points and can build a community. It is a huge step towards building a better online brand that converts more customers.


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