There are many reasons you might choose to have some professional headshots done. You might want to update all of your current social media, you might be considering going freelance and are preparing for your branding, or you might need new photos for the company you work for. 

Headshots can seem pretty straightforward at face value, but it is very easy to get a photo that you aren’t happy with – if you don’t prepare yourself well.

Talk to your photographer

If you have booked the shoot yourself, make sure that you talk to your photographer in advance to know what is expected. You have likely booked after seeing their portfolio or because they have been recommended to you. 

Talk about what you want to get out of the session, the impression you want the images to portray, and what they are for. This can help set the expectations early. 


You will want to look your best for the shoot, but getting your eyebrows done on the same day means you’ll have red and swollen brows in the photos. 

Instead, list everything you’d like to get done before you have the photo taken. Book your appointments like teeth whitening, eyebrows, beard trimming and/or shaping, eyelash extensions, or anything else the week before. This gives your skin time to settle and be soothed ahead of taking your photos. This will also give you a confidence boost as you will feel your best, which will be captured in the photos. 


Most people get nervous when a camera is pointed at them, a great photographer will help you relax, but if you feel tense, you will likely look tense too. A real smile will always look more genuine, and a forced smile is too obvious. 

When you are relaxed, you will get the best photo of yourself. Before you go to the photoshoot, practice a couple of seated smiling poses and perhaps a few standing ones. Find where you feel the most comfortable so that you can repeat that pose when you get to the studio. 


If you get nervous before things like this, you might find you don’t sleep as well as you typically do. To help to counteract the dark circles or puffy eyebags, make sure that you are well hydrated. To make sure you have been drinking plenty of water, it is a good idea to use a good moisturizer on your skin. 


You will only see a certain amount of your shoulders, so when choosing your outfit, concentrate on something that you are comfortable in and that looks smart.  Try on a few outfits, and see which one gives the impression you need to give. For example, if you aren’t going for a business look, you won’t need to concern yourself with a blazer. If you have time, it can be worthwhile bringing multiple outfits to have a range of photos and options to choose from. 

If confidence has been holding you back from getting ahead in your career, getting those headshots, or deciding to start your own business, then here are some tips that can help prepare you: Is A Lack Of Confidence Ruining Your Career? 


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