Finding the perfect words to convey your deep affection to your significant other can be a challenge, but worry not! We’re here to help make this Valentine’s Day extra special. To assist you in expressing your heartfelt feelings, we’ve compiled a list of 10 remarkable love quotes perfect for adding that extra touch of romance to your Valentine’s Day card. While we know your card might be store-bought (and that’s totally okay!), these quotes will give it a personal and thoughtful twist.

Gone are the days of writer’s block with these poetic gems at your disposal. Each quote has been carefully selected from a range of esteemed poets and writers, some of whom are proud collaborators with A Better Today Media. We encourage you to explore their works further; you can find their links included in our compilation. Remember to give credit where it’s due – borrowing words is fine, but let’s honor the creators with proper attribution. Get ready to inspire your loved one with words that resonate with romance and sincerity.


“You are my sunrise. My life began when I met you.”  – Araceli M.  Ream 

“I feel so much of you inside me I am no longer certain where you begin and I end.” – N.R. Hart, from her bestselling book Poetry and Pearls

“You are my beautiful forever… a connection so deep that even an eternity doesn’t seem long enough to spend with you.” – Steve Maraboli, from his bestselling book “Unapologetically You”

“Falling in love with you was out of my control, but I do have a say in what happens next. And I will choose to stay in love with you through everything this life throws at us.” – Liz Newman, from her bestselling book “Hope Between Heartbeats”

“Your every exhale perfectly compliments my every inhale. It’s as if my lung and my life’s breath have reached an understanding – to begin and end with yours.” – R.S

“I will love you as long as the sun burns in the sky, as long as the moon shines its light into the dark night, until the raging blue oceans become calm and run dry. I will love you until the end of time.” – Christy Ann Martine (check out her etsy shop here)


“I want to love you even when those hairs on your head turn gray. When your lips feel soft from the wrinkles of age. When your hands tremble as they make their way to my heart. I want to sit by the open fire, reminiscing on the good old days, as we indulge our senses in 2018 wine… I want them to peel my body from yours when they take me to my resting place. I want to love only you, today, tomorrow, for eternity.” – Ashourina Yalda

valentines day love quotes

“My eyes saw you but damn did my soul feel you.” – Melody Lee, from her bestselling book, “Moon Gypsy”

“I love us for the way our eyes make love to each others souls.” – Christopher Poindexter,  Naked Human

valentines day

“I never believed in destiny until it led me to you. Never put much stock in wishes, but you made mine come true. Didn’t think that soulmates existed, then I saw you and I knew, that dreams become reality with magic made by two.” – John Mark Green & Christy Ann Martine (Check out John’s poetry book, “Taste the Wild Wonder”)



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