When you look around at others in society, what do you see? Is everyone healthy, vibrant and full of life? Or do they have tired faces, look old before their time, and walk around in a state of dejection? For many of us, it’s the latter. People just don’t seem healthy anymore. There’s been a big shift in the space of just 30 years. 

But what’s going on here? Why is everyone so unhealthy? Let’s take a look.

Extreme Work

Hustle culture is supposed to liberate people from the drudgery of work, but it could be making things worse. Putting in eight-hour workweeks not only takes its toll on family relationships, but it also exposes the body to extreme pressure. People simply aren’t built to work that much. Only a tiny minority are able to do it long-term, and most of those people wind up with health problems later on. 

Lack Of Movement

If you lay in bed all day, how do you feel? If you’re like most people, you feel restless, bored and achy, which is not the pinnacle of health. 

But that’s currently the situation in which we find ourselves. Most people spend their entire days either sitting or laying down. The body simply isn’t being used enough, leading to a host of health problems and issues. 

Mental Health Crisis

The current mental health crisis is a full-blown epidemic. However, unlike COVID-19, it doesn’t make the daily news. That’s because it’s been with us for many years. 

Unfortunately, it is getting worse. According to health care executive, Michael Rashid, depression is now the leading cause of disability in those aged 15 to 44, the first time in history that that’s been the case. 

The origins of today’s mental health crisis are complex. However, they likely come from messaging from the wider culture. People struggle to live in a world bereft of spirituality, love, and compassion. 

Binge Drinking

Drinking a little alcohol from time to time doesn’t appear to damage health. Southern Europeans have been doing it for centuries, and many of them are entirely healthy. 

However, the culture of binge drinking is far more dangerous and can take a terrible toll on the body. Just a few days of excessive alcohol intake can cause the skin to sag and people take on a hollower expression. 

The drivers of binge drinking are primarily social. It’s part of the culture. However, there are some people who drink to excess to numb the pain of their daily experience, or escape the entrapments of the ego mind. 

The Belief In Medicine

Most people overestimate the power of modern drugs, particularly for managing chronic diseases. Despite more than half a century of research and billions of dollars in funding, there is still no cure for diabetes, heart disease, stroke or cancer. 


However, there’s a widespread belief that medicine will always be there to save the day. It won’t. People are gambling with their health without knowing the true odds because they think that they can get away with it. As medical technology stands right now, they can’t. 

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