Spring Fever is in the air and it’s contagious. The warmer weather is beckoning us to go outside and breath in the fresh scents of Spring.  Spring flowers and spring romance are in full bloom.

Love is in the air and we are all catching spring fever. What brings about this sudden mood of romance?

Medically speaking, many people suffer from a medical condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder which can bring about mood changes and depression during the winter months with less sunlight and colder weather being the culprit. We spend more time indoors and this can affect our body physiologically.  We tend to become less active physically and socially which can lead to depression and isolation during these months.

Yet, sunshine and warmer weather seem to have the opposite effect on our moods. Spring Fever can be attributed to the body’s reaction to the changing of the seasons.

People feel better with the sunlight, the spring flowers and the comfortable temperatures outside. Their moods improve and they feel a little happier and more carefree with nature’s new growth all around them. Almost a giddiness is known as Spring fever and their thoughts turn to love and romance.

Scientifically speaking, spring fever can affect mammals much in the same way it does humans. Regulated by direct and indirect sunlight, mammals thrive in this new climate along with plants and insects, and procreation is ideal in this healthy environment. Nature itself, can and does affect animals and humans in much the same way.

So, if you were thinking Spring Fever is just a silly term used to describe the season, there are medical and scientific explanations for its existence as well. However, do we really need an explanation at all? It’s Springtime and love is in the air. Take advantage of the beauty of the season. Come alive again with love and…live!  -N.R.Hart



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