We are but human and mortal. We work hard all day long, and then we wonder why we have aches and pains. No, it’s not because you’re weak or lack some form of physical strength. The human body is absolutely beautiful and quite often the hot topic of opposite discussion. We’re strong with muscles that can lift heavy things and our bodies can run fast while on two legs.


And yet, we’re also weak. We’re soft and squishy, made from fragile fibers that rip and tear on a daily basis. We move around a lot in different ways, different sizes and shapes. Sooner or later you’re going to have to stop using your mental fortitude to block out the aches and pains that you have on a deeper level. The great thing is the muscles are complex structures of tissue, and they’re always repairing, especially during the times we sleep. However, underneath our muscles, nerves tell them what to do. Our nerves are more fragile, and thus they begin to wain and slowly degrade. Ever feel pain in your muscles that felt like it was underneath or inside the muscle? Yes, this is what’s causing it.

Cracking back into alignment

What was once a sub-culture is quickly becoming mainstream. If you have pressure on your nerves such as in your neck or wrist, the doctor can’t really do much. They can give your painkiller medication, but that does not solve the issue. You have to see a specialist that has gone through a different school to that of the doctors, i.e. other than medical school. Professional chiropractors learn about how the skeleton reacts and cooperates with the nerves of our bodies. If you have a misalignment of bones, this will lead to a sharp focussed pain that can affect the normal everyday activities in your life. Seeming as it’s a pinched or trapped nerve, this can lead to non-localized pain. This refers to a nerve different parts of the body that are not immediately in the vicinity, such as a pinched nerve in your neck can also lead to lower back pain or an upset stomach. It’s common knowledge that some people throw up from what they perceive to be a headache but is really a pressured nerve.

Experts such as Full Spectrum Chiropractic provide many services in this field in a family-friendly environment. You can ask for soft tissue manipulation which can help to alleviate the tenseness in the muscle that may behold the bone affected in a specific way that is causing pain. Neck pain is one of the most common forms of chiropractic care areas because due to the poster when we’re sitting, our neck placement when we’re sleeping, or a type of injury the vertebrae in the neck have a tendency to misalign. Due to the sheer amount of nerves traveling up and down in the neck, when this happens and bones pinch a nerve, this can lead to a feeling or sharp and chronic pain. Speaking of chronic pain, if this is something you have been suffering from for a while now, why not look into how the use of cbd for chronic pain could help you manage the pains a lot better and hopefully start getting your life back on track, as we know how hard it can be living with chronic pain.

The upper and lower body are some of the most flexible parts of the human anatomy. To complement this structure, we have large strong muscles that help our spine maintain rigidity while also being able to bend at different angles. This expert establishment also offers spinal traction and distraction. So if you have a tight lower back and your trap muscles are pulling your chest muscles around the upper pec region back and upward, this is something that would bring your great relief. Don’t suffer in silence as is the common way of dealing with sharp pains that come and go. Our bodies are so complex and rather than leaving the healing process up to chance and time, go in for a check-up and or a particular service to combat your pressures.

As they say, no pain no gain

Massage is one the older forms of relaxation as well as curing ailments in our bodies. There’s no reason at all, why in this day and age people should be suffering in silence. Don’t just rely on the doctor to tell you what’s wrong with. Massage therapists do not get the admiration they deserve. Rather than massage being something that we deem as purely for leisure, it’s actually a resounding show of love from one human being to another. This is why it’s called massage therapy because it’s a way of cleansing your body as well as your mind and soul. For internal feelings of chronic pain, deep tissue massage is the only way you can flush out toxins with power and meaning while also flexing your nerves to be more relaxed. At first, the pain will be at the forefront of your mind, but slowly your tenseness will subside.

Whether it be in your forearms, hamstrings, calves, biceps or even your neck, deep tissue massage is a ‘hurt so good’ experience. This is quite a niche area of massage and thus not normally practiced or even learned by the majority of therapists. However, if you go to a sports massage professional, they know perhaps to a more advanced level how our bodies work compared to top layer masseurs. The deep tissue expert will use his or her elbows, knuckles, fists, forearms and thumbs to really dig into your body.

The body is wondrous, and it compensates for us when it knows we’re lacking movement or strength somewhere. And so, muscles become tense as they’re picking up the slack of their neighbor. In deep tissue massage, it takes time for the muscles to be flattened, and steamrollered out back into their normal places and state of dexterity. The added benefits of your nerves are finally becoming loose and flexible again, is that toxins will also be flushed out by the vigorous smooth and powerful strokes.


Releasing the nerve pressures in your body is not something that many people actively seek out. However with deep tissue massage, and chiropractic methods, chronic pains that are dull and come and go, can be gradually phased out of your muscles. Your skeletal structure can also be put back into its proper state with all your bones and joints aligned properly, so nerves are not trapped or pinched.


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