The question of whether or not there’s something innate within us to search for love and a partner to share our life with is up in the air. We don’t know if this is really how human beings are meant to be in the fact that, we must look for true love and only have one partner we spend the rest of our lives with.

However, that is how modern society functions at the moment and you can get pulled into this way of thinking very easily. So much so that we allow things to happen to us, when in any other circumstance we would not allow it. The person who we once got involved with to have an intimate relationship, may turn into someone else the more you are together.

Knowing how to recognize the signs of this is half the battle, which is why people stay with individuals that just aren’t good for them. Look out for these signs to know when you’re with someone that may not be on the same wavelength as you.

The psychological battle

Narcissism is a very common and sometimes serious hindrance in a relationship. Someone who is exhibiting narcissistic actions will often be manipulative, trying to get you to do something with or for them using guilt and shame. Other times they can be very critical and yet, have a total lack of judgment and critique of their own behavior. They like to control people while trying to be morally virtuous.  A partner that is critical and selfish yet seems to think they are untouchable and perfect is not good for a balanced relationship.

Protect yourself

Ending a relationship with your abusing wife or husband can be quite traumatic. More times than not, the abuser will conjure up stories about you to your children (parental alienation), your friends and family, and the court system.  When things are getting worse and worse, you really need to let someone know and stand up for yourself. No one has the right to conjure up a story against you in order to hurt you. You are not someone’s property, and you have every right to end a relationship and refuse to do something you don’t want to do. 

If your former partner is lying about you hurting them physically and is now taking you through the legal system to either put you away or extract money from you, contact a domestic violence lawyer. They will be your defense in domestic violence courtrooms. Their priority is to build up a case that brings you justice and rightfully deals with the person that is fabricating a story.

Love interests can become mean and vindictive after they show you their true colors. Never allow yourself to be manipulated and when they lie about you abusing them and you know you’re innocent, always defend yourself the best way legally possible.

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