Anyone who has had the misfortune of meeting/dealing with or being related to /being in a relationship with a narcissist, I’m so sorry you had to go through that. Being related to or being in a relationship with a narcissist is just terrible and the worse part is you don’t always recognise a narcissist and that in essence is the greatest weapon of a narcissist.

Many wrongly assume that only those weak in character get affected by a narcissist but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I, personally have known extremely strong,confident, men and women who were no match for the narcissists in their lives. We’re often blind to the faults of those we love and when that person turns out to be a master manipulator, you don’t stand a chance.

Here’s my personal guide on how to deal with them:

  1. Trust yourself

Follow your gut. If your brain has been warning you about someone but you’ve just been ignoring it and that warning light just hasn’t gone off, chances are maybe your brain is right after all. You’re not being paranoid. Believe in yourself.

  1. Take back your power

While this sounds equal parts empowering and dramatic, I mean it. Many people who’ve been in relationships with narcissists, romantic it otherwise often feel like a shell if their former selves or feel diminished in some way. Narcissists somehow kill a person’s self confidence. So,discover your inner strength, you’ll need it.

  1. Stick to your decisions

While this is a blanket instruction, I think it applies very strongly to romantic relationship. Once you decide to leave,stick by your decision no matter what they say and trust me the manipulation will be at it’s highest. This may be the most painful decision of your life,but stick to it. Leaving someone when you love them is excruciating but when they’re toxic for you it’s something you have to do for your own well being.

  1. Rebuild and heal.

This is so difficult. It’s learning to live with a decision your mind agreed with but your heart may not always be on the same page and the worse part is you never know how long it’sgoing to take to get over them. Healing is often slow and painful and there will be times you’ll second guess yourself or feel like your back to square one but you know what? That’s all part of healing.

  1. Live

Once you feel like you’re in a good place please leave to live your life,do what makes you happy. Make happiness your life’s goal and once you’ve cone out of this hell the entire experience is your burden if knowledge to bear. So,if you find someone in a similar situation,it is your duty to guide them through this labyrinth if deceit,into the light.

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