Nutrition can be one of the most complicated and intimidating practices to navigate when you are trying to lead a healthier life. It shouldn’t be though, as good nutrition is a vital part of your health, wellbeing, and development. Nutrition has the power to help reduce the risk of health conditions and diseases, as well as improve your mood, and mental health. 


Here are some top nutrition tips for better health and wellbeing. 


Measure your average daily expenditure 

If you are serious about your nutrition, then one of the most important aspects is ensuring that you are fueling your body correctly. If you have the patience, then taking some time to research, or speak to a professional to find out your general activity level and your average daily expenditure can help ensure you are eating enough food for your lifestyle. One misconception around weight and nutrition is that you should be eating less. However, this is not always the case and can lead to unhealthy habits and health conditions. You need enough food, and a range of food, to fuel your body.

Cook your meals

Do you often find yourself ordering a takeaway a few times per week? Or picking up some microwave meals for your lunch at work? While there is nothing wrong with doing this, moderation is key. If you find yourself doing this a few times per week or more, then it is time to start making some changes and cooking your food at home. Many of the processed foods that you find in supermarkets are filled with preservatives and unrecognizable ingredients which can increase your risk of diseases. By taking some time to plan, prep your meals, you can not only save time, but you can ensure your diet is filled with wholesome, nutritious food that will enable your body to get all the goodness it requires to be healthy. You may find that buying and cooking vegetables can be a lot quicker and cheaper than you realize. 

Make your favorite goodies at home

The same goes for your favorite goodies. You don’t have to stop eating chocolate, or cakes, but if you can, try baking some of them at home. Not only do they taste 10x better when they have been freshly baked, but they also provide for a rewarding experience and even some family bonding time. You will be able to control what ingredients are going in them, for example, reducing the sugar and swapping it for organic stevia.

Eat a wide variety of food

Your diet should consist of a wide range of food, from different food groups, especially a variety of fruit, vegetable, and legumes. These food groups are filled with goodness that has been shown to help reduce diseases and increase your well-being and quality of life. This is because different types of food have different amounts and types of nutrients that your body requires to function, and stay healthy and strong, for example, magnesium, phosphorous and folic acid, potassium, vitamins A, C, and E, fiber, and many more. 


There are many different ways you can increase your health and wellbeing, and nutrition is one of them. It is important to ensure you are fueling your body and eating lots of wholesome, nutritious foods. 

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