“Open Your Eyes” provides a wake-up call that the eye is the first place deadly diseases can be detected thanks to current Optometric technology.

“Your vision and message is more important now for Optometry than ever before!” – Paul Soik, Vice President Corporate Accounts, CooperVision

ALLDocs Association teams up with Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Wayne Chesler of Bink Films to debut the new documentary, “Open Your Eyes.” In the documentary, Dr. Kerry Gelb, a practicing Optometrist and the President of ALLDocs along with influencer, Chris Maraboli, travel across North America, Europe, and Costa Rica to expose how optometric testing of the eye can thwart the rise of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, myopia and Alzheimer’s.

Together they interview physicians and leading experts in Neuroscience, Optometry, Cardiology, Nephrology, and more, to highlight lifestyle changes and innovative medical treatments to prevent and treat these epidemics.

In “Open Your Eyes,” Dr. Gelb reveals how the earliest signs of insulin resistance, the root cause of diabetes, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease can be identified in eye exams through the detection of microaneurysms, which are tiny swellings in the blood vessels of the Eye.


Dr. Gelb talks with journalist and author of “Whitewash,” Carey Gillan, well as activist Jeffrey Smith, to further understand the insecticide DDT and the herbicide glyphosate’s deleterious impacts on the body. He also dives into the rise of obesity and inflammation due to historical changes in the public perception of fat and sugar, with physician Dr. Ted Naiman, nephrologist Dr. Jason Fung, and more.

“The public doesn’t realize that almost 300 diseases can actually manifest in the eye, and the blood vessels of the eye can show us warning signs about many systemic diseases such as hypertension or diabetes, before anywhere else in the body,” says Dr. Kerry Gelb.

“‘Open Your Eyes’ unveils the critical message that the eye can be the first place these diseases are diagnosed. The Optometrist (OD) is the new General Practitioner (GP), giving people insights into their health and the right referrals, while equipping them with strategies to properly manage and reverse chronic, preventable diseases,” Dr. Gelb adds.

“Optometrists can non-invasively screen thousands of people, not just for their eye health, but for their whole-body health, putting Optometrists at the very tip of preventative medicine,” says Dr. Jason Fung.

The trailer for “Open Your Eyes” can be viewed now on OpenYourEyes2020.com. The full-length the documentary can be streamed or purchased on Amazon Prime, AppleTV, and Google Play.

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