Whatever our problem can be in life, there is always the one thing standing in our way of solving it, ourselves. Whatever the issue, whether it is an addiction, relationship struggles, or we don’t feel any sense of happiness, the one obstacle we have to get over first is our own attitudes. As such, mindset is everything when it comes to beating these problems.

So what do we do if we find that we’ve got quite an obstacle in the way, and that obstacle is ourselves? What do we do to improve our own attitudes and mindset so we can beat these things?

Embodying Positivity

Not in the way that it becomes mind-numbingly frustrating when you see those other people that are constantly “perky,” but we can still learn something from these people. Positivity means that we have a happier constitution, and as such, we don’t let the little things get at us so much. Not only this, but a positive attitude has been shown to affect our ability to maintain health. Our mind is the one thing that stands in the way of feeling happy and feeling healthier.

And if we are constantly of a negative mindset, and we get sick all the time, we think that it’s the being sick that makes us unhappy, when in fact, it’s the being unhappy that makes a sick. If we change our mindset to a more positive attitude, it will brighten up our day. If you choose to be positive, it can be a lengthy transition. But what you can do to help speed up the process, is to learn relaxation techniques.

Deep breathing or meditation is great ways for us to achieve perspective. Once we realize that something is just a problem and that there are ways around it, we won’t let it beat us down as much. And from there, you can separate yourself from the situation and ask for help if necessary and these will give you that confidence to overcome personal problems.

Treating Everything As A Learning Curve

We can be overcome by the sensation that everything is happening to us and it’s all bad, and we can get annoyed at ourselves, and continue to beat ourselves up, or we can treat it as a learning experience. Whatever the issue is in life, is it as bad as you think it is in that moment in time?

Maybe someone’s shouted at you, or you find yourself in some conflicting situation that you’re not used to. Getting out of our comfort zone is essential because this is what will help us to learn. As we learn to weather these storms, our comfort zone gradually expands, and we know how to deal with the situation if it ever happens again. You live, you learn.

Trust In Your Abilities

If we don’t trust ourselves to get anything done, why would we trust anyone else? This is the hallmark of someone that’s looking for reassurance, that they don’t trust their mind. And if we are to overcome any personal issue, it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks, although they can provide guidance, it’s down to us to make the final decision.

This is especially true in the throes of addiction, and before you get to the point where you go for treatment at one of the many rehab centers around, it’s the moment that you decide you need help that professionals can help. Rehab centers like https://www.newhoperanch.com/ can definitely help you towards wellness, but it’s about making that decision to go yourself, which takes a lot of courage.

And when we are in the midst of addiction, trust in our own abilities is likely to be at an all-time low. But then, as we progress through treatments and learn how to have faith in our abilities again, we can learn how to control our reaction to a stressful situation, or temptation to consume a toxic substance again. And once we’ve hit that point where we’re able to summon the strength from inside, we will finally have trust in our own abilities again.

Learning The Healthy Habits That Make A Healthy Brain

We can all be prone to relapse, whether it’s to addiction, depression, or we hit another conflicting situation. But what we have in our mental stores is habit. Habits we’ve learned can also be unlearned, but we have to cling onto the good habits and the good thought patterns that are healthy.

And this is where programs like NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) or CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) can help, but it’s also about the healthy habits that we learn ourselves. Exercise is one of those great underrated components when it comes to your brain. Exercise isn’t just a way to get fit and healthy, but it’s a perfect distillation of overcoming mental barriers within yourself.

Exercise has been shown to be a worthy tool in battling depression, https://www.psychologytoday.com/ highlights this. But if you are learning how to lift a weight, and you’re not able to do it, but by coming back to it and retraining and pushing yourself that bit further each and every time, that sense of accomplishment is a major rush.

And the fact of the matter is, you are benefiting your mind and body, and exercise is a great way for you to feel fantastic, not just because of the health connotations, but purely because of this accomplishment. And surely there’s no better metaphor for beating a personal problem than by going to the gym and lifting a weight you weren’t able to before?


Learning to overcome a personal problem is all in the mind. After all, we can’t control what everybody else does; we only can alter our own perceptions of the situation. And when we see other people try to manipulate a situation, or they stress out about things they have no control over, we can all learn from this.

It’s not impossible for us to never stress out about these things ever again, but if we can learn to change our perspective of the situation and alter our mindset, then we will learn to beat the problem in our heads.

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