How many times have you found yourself struggling with life? Not just a little bit, but where you feel like you’re drowning and you don’t know how to get up without continuously getting knocked over. Dealing with that kind of stress and negativity is not comfortable, but asking for support?

For a lot of people, that’s just too hard.

We put pressure on ourselves every single day, and there are many people out there who think that asking for help is a sure sign of weakness. We judge ourselves and our needs too harshly; asking for help isn’t a weakness; it’s a strength.

It is courageous to gather up everything inside of you and ask for support. It’s brave to be in the depths of addiction, and you reach out to someone – anyone – and tell them that you’re struggling. You judge yourself too harshly, and even though you surrendered to your drug or alcohol addiction, there is always a way out. You may have tried several different rehabilitative options, from cold turkey to a more holistic approach to treating substance abuse.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t ask for help when you’ve reached the bottom. When you finally ask for that help that you need, you can experience what a connection feels like. You can’t beat your addiction alone, but it’s also not easy to ask for help; even though you know you need to.

The first thing that you need to know is that you are worthy of help. We thrive as human beings by asking each other for support and providing it when it’s needed. When you’re in pain, and you can’t find a way out, asking for help is the only option that you have on the table in front of you, but again, it’s not easy to do it. We get it; you need help to get help. We’ve got five ways that you can ask for help when you desperately need it the most.

Write It Down

When it’s too much for you to admit that you need help face to face with someone else, you need to ask in another way. Sending a text, writing an email, penning a letter and even a Facebook message to alert to someone close to you that you need their help can be much more comfortable than picking up the phone for a conversation.

You need to be brave enough to open the door to someone else to let them into what you’re struggling with, and you need to put the power in your own hands to do that. Being honest about what is going on with you – the good, the bad and the ugly – is the only way you’re going to tell someone close to you that you need them. Don’t be afraid.

Make The Call

When you’re in the throes of an addiction, the idea of calling a rehab centre is a terrifying one. Calling any kind of person in authority can be difficult but not because you’re asking on the phone. It’s because that phone call is your acknowledgement of your addiction, how far it’s gone and it’s now life or death whether you can overcome it. Making that call is scary, but it’s a tremendous strength, and it allows you to embrace self-love and take a step toward caring for yourself.  You will learn about the treatment options available and what kind of help you will receive. Remember it is only a phone call, you are not signing anything. Besides, in most cases, while you are on the call your courage and resolve will strengthen. 

Ask Yourself The Pros and Cons

Whether you are looking at taking a more holistic approach to treating substance abuse or not, you need to think about what type of treatment will work for you and what the pros and cons of that treatment are. What are the pros and cons of getting treated? What would be the pros and cons of handling it all on your own? Ask yourself these tough questions so that you can have a better understanding of why you should get well.

Face Yourself

Stand in front of a mirror and take a moment to look at yourself. Look at yourself and know that you are worthy of asking for support and deserving of help from other people around you. Tell yourself you are worthy and listen to yourself.

Take a Deep Breath

The time has come to ask for that help you desperately need and want. It’s time to take a deep breath and know that this step that you make is going to change your life for the better once and for all. Don’t be afraid of wanting to improve your future and letting go of addiction once and for all.

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