We live in a society where there are many reasons why people don’t go see a doctor.  A recent study showed that there are three main categories of reasons for avoiding medical care.

First, over one-third of participants (33.3% of 1,369) reported unfavorable evaluations of seeking medical care, such as factors related to physicians, health care organizations, and affective concerns.

Second, a subset of participants reported low perceived need to seek medical care (12.2%), often because they expected their illness or symptoms to improve over time (4.0%).

Third, many participants reported traditional barriers to medical care (58.4%), such as high cost (24.1%), no health insurance (8.3%), and time constraints (15.6%).  

It Probably Won’t Improve

The first thing you should always do when you feel like there is something wrong with your health is to go see a doctor. These professionals know exactly what they are doing, and they will be able to run all the necessary tests to find out what the issue is. If they can’t figure out the problem, then your case will progress to someone who can, but for now, a doctor is your best bet. 

If You Need Extra Care

We know that relying on someone else isn’t the greatest feeling, but if it is what you need, then it is what you need. As such, you might need a home health aide or someone like this to come over and make sure that everything is going well. They will perform a number of tasks to ensure that you are in good health and check on you constantly. At first, it might be a little strange, but it’s better to have this professional on hand for if something goes wrong, than be all by yourself with no way to get in touch with anyone.

Specialists And Referrals

Finally, remember above, we said if the doctor couldn’t figure out the issue, it would go to someone who could? That is where you’re going to be referred to a specialist or a clinic that specializes in this area. It tends to be the case that the doctor will have a general idea of what the problem could be, which is how they know which department to send you to, but you need an expert opinion or treatment.

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