No one likes to get ill and probably one of the most common illnesses to hit during various times of the year is the common cold. Typically occurring during winter months, it can also be something that creeps up on you when the weather is transitioning from one season to another.


While a common cold is by all means – common – it’s something that not everyone wants to get regularly. Some are perhaps more susceptible due to a poorer immune system. Others might be down to age or just always being around those who are sick, like working in a healthcare facility for example.


If you’re looking to escape the dreaded cold, then here are some top tips that might help you this year.


Keep hands sanitized at all times

One of the reasons that a common cold can spread like wildlife is the lack of hygiene that some people have. Something as simple as hand sanitization can be effective in reducing the chances of infections spreading.


The pandemic was an example of how viral infections could spread fast simply by contact and being at a close distance to others. While some people managed to evade COVID-19 completely during its attack, most people were struck down with one of the strains at some point during this time.


With that in mind, it’s a good idea to always carry around a bottle of hand sanitizer. Most hand sanitizers come in a small and easy-to-carry bottle, so there’s really no excuse not to have one on you. If not, make sure you’re always washing your hands before eating, and avoid touching your face or mouth with your hands.

Stay away from people who are sick

While you may want to be there to comfort people who have been struck down with the common cold, you don’t want to get it yourself. Putting kindness and compassion aside, it’s important to try and stay away from people who are sick.


If you get the sense that someone is ill, rearrange those plans to see them at a later date. It’s more important when you’ve got little ones at home, especially newborns. Be polite but firm with people who are visiting and ensure they’ve got no cold symptoms before letting them in. If there’s even a sniff of a cold, it’s best to keep away from those that are sick. 


It’s more understandable now that we’ve lived through the pandemic, but some have gone back to their old ways.

Eat well and exercise

In order to keep your immune system in good condition, make sure you’re eating well and exercising regularly. It’s important that you keep your body in good condition as that’s likely going to improve your chances of avoiding a cold or health problems in general.


Eating well means getting plenty of greens and fruit in your diet so that you’re not always chomping down on fast food or beige food for that matter. Exercise can be fun, it’s just about finding the right exercise that works for you.

Check for allergies

Allergies are something that could be the cause of your common cold. Perhaps you’ve got a runny nose but no other symptoms of a cold that would indicate such a viral infection. It might be that you have allergies that have gone untreated and that you hadn’t even realized was a possibility.


You may want to check out a site like Becker ENT & Allergy. This is a great resource for those who may be suspicious of having allergies and how to treat them effectively. The causes of a sore or itchy throat may be more than just a cold, so make sure you rule out allergies where possible.

Get enough sleep every night

Sleep is an important part of improving your immune system and your health in general. A lack of sleep in itself can make you feel ill and can cause you to underperform in your day-to-day lifestyle. With that being said if you feel like you’re not getting enough sleep every night, then it might be worth finding ways to better your sleep routine.

Skip the alcohol and other bad habits

Finally, when it comes to your bad habits, they’re likely causing you to feel ill and may make you more susceptible to getting sick. Try to skip alcohol where you can, especially when you might not be feeling yourself. Smoking and other bad habits are likely to make you feel worse too.


Avoiding a common cold is something that can be done with the right guidance. 

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