When it comes to the self-esteem and confidence of the average person, some might think that we put a little too much focus on oral health. While it’s vital that we take care of our teeth and keep them strong and healthy for as long as possible, a lot of people get very self-conscious about the issues that can affect them.

Some people even feel anxious about seeking treatment, because they worry there may be nothing to be done for them. However, there are always options, and here are some of those options for the most commonly embarrassing oral health issues.

Yellowing or graying teeth

By far, one of the most common issues that people find with their teeth and feel embarrassed about is the changes in color that can occur. Sometimes, these changes happen purely as a result of age, but most of the time, tooth discoloration is caused by dietary habits and not enough time spent cleaning teeth after eating food.

Aside from being mindful of what foods can discolor your teeth, you should also look at getting more routine cleanings from your dentist, as well as the teeth whitening treatments that can help you restore some of the shine to your teeth. This can include both at-home treatments as well as in-chair whitenings with your dentist.


Chips, cracks, and other damage

Whether it’s due to a slip and fall, some kind of blunt force trauma, or even an unlucky encounter between your tooth and hard candy, teeth can become damaged in all kinds of ways. Wearing down the enamel and tooth decay can make them more likely to become damaged, too. Depending on the severity of the damage, there are all kinds of different options.

For instance, chips and cracks could be repaired with a simple bit of bonding. This involves using a tooth-like composite resin to fill in the damaged portions. Other, more extensive kinds of damage might need to see a crown fitted over the tooth with the help of a post, but whatever the damage, there are solutions.


Problems with alignment

Issues with teeth growing or moving out of alignment are very common. Our facial structure changes during puberty, which can affect the way our teeth grow out, as well. Other people can have their wisdom teeth start to come out, even in adulthood, which can cause crowding and can force other teeth out of alignment.

There are a range of different solutions, such as different types of braces and aligners that can fix most alignment issues. Invisalign is currently popular on the market for being a discreet approach to moderate cases of misalignment, but traditional metal braces are typically still the most reliable and effective for treating alignment issues of all kinds of severity, and tend to be cheaper, to boot.


Filling the gaps of missing teeth

A missing tooth can, indeed, be an issue that affects self-esteem a lot, especially if the missing tooth is at the front of the mouth. There are different treatment options for missing teeth, but it’s best to talk to your dentist about them as soon as possible, as some can become unavailable over time. Dentures, including partial dentures, can be worn over where the missing tooth or teeth were.

However, they can slip out of place and can cause some issues with speaking and talking. For a more reliable and longer-lasting solution, you should seek for a dental implant expert as soon as you can. Dental implants require plenty of jaw bone to be fused to, and this can begin to wear away if you don’t have a tooth to support the bone, so the sooner you ask about implants, the better your chance of getting them.


Receding gums

The soft tissue surrounding teeth can matter as much as the teeth themselves. For instance, a lot of people experience receding gums for a variety of reasons. Gum disease is the most common answer, and one that should be treated for the health of the whole mouth, be it with the right use of specialist mouthwash and toothpaste, as well as regular cleanings from the dentist. Periodontal disease is the most serious form of gum disease and should be treated regularly by a dentist, but bruxism, or grinding the teeth at night, can also cause gum recession and is treated with the help of a mouthguard worn during sleep.


Don’t be embarrassed about any of the issues above. Regardless of what you may think, there is almost always a solution available, and you can find it by visiting your dentist or orthodontist.


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