Part of any dedication to a healthier lifestyle is looking at said lifestyle, the different elements of it, and where you might be doing yourself some harm. However, believe it or not, some of the more innocuous-seeming parts of your life may actually bring more of a threat than you think. Here are some of the toxins and harmful influences that more people come in contact with in their daily life than they might think.


The air quality in your home

You might think there’s nothing wrong at all with the air that you breathe in your own home. However, without the right care, it may do some real long-term harm. Dust, pollen, and other allergens that have the opportunity to build up can affect the air quality in the home, which can exacerbate or even cause respiratory problems and allergies. Improving the air quality in your home is relatively simple. Keep it clean, ensure good circulation, and use humidifiers or dehumidifiers as you need to.


The sheer amount of chemicals we use in the home

The average modern person has a lot more contact with dangerous chemicals than they might think. Most of them come in the form of household items like cleaning agents, detergents, and sprays that can do genuine harm, from problems with infertility to increase links to cancer. Another concern is that of VOCs, or volatile organic chemicals, which tend to be introduced into the home through things like flooring and curtains that can “off-gas,” releasing these potentially harmful chemicals into the air. When you buy products like this, be sure to look for the VOC-free alternatives that are out there.


What’s all the fuss about electromagnetic fields?

One concern that has been getting a lot of traction is that of EMF (or electromagnetic fields.) Essentially, these are fields given off by a range of electronics, including cellphones, laptops, and microwaves, as well as by the sun. There are concerns that these fields may act as a carcinogen, increasing the risk of cancer, amongst other issues, so finding the best bracelet with negative ion that counteract those fields is becoming a growing trend. This is an invisible threat that has not been strictly proven to be a threat yet, but the properties and effects of EMFs (which have been proven to exist) aren’t yet fully known so many people prefer to play it safe and protect themselves from them.


What about your water?

You might like to think that your water is safe to drink but, depending on where you live, your supply can get contaminated with farming chemicals from agriculture, heavy metals from industry, and a wide range of other potentially dangerous molecules. To that end, you might want to look into ftting your kitchen faucet with a water filter system that can purify your water, making it much safer to drink.


It’s important to check the environment that you live in closely for threats, as well as relying on the tools and methods that might protect you from them.


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