If you’ve heard of phlebotomy but don’t have any idea what it means, you’re not alone. Phlebotomy is actually a lot more straightforward than it sounds. It simply refers to the act of puncturing a vein with a needle and drawing blood. 

Therefore, a phlebotomist is – you guessed it – a healthcare professional who draws blood. Anytime you go in for lab work or donate blood, your blood sample is being obtained by a phlebotomist. Although many healthcare professionals, such as nurses, are trained in phlebotomy, it’s also a position in its own right. If you’ve been looking for a career change and have the skills and disposition for the job, phlebotomy might be the career for you. 

To be a successful phlebotomist, there are a few key skills you’ll need:

  • Compassion and social perceptiveness. Many people have a fear of needles or are at least uncomfortable with the procedure. You’ll need to be able to put your patients at ease by being compassionate and personable. 
  • Comfortable with blood. Of course, if you have an aversion to blood, this isn’t the right career for you. 
  • Time management. Oftentimes, you’ll be required to move from one patient to the next quickly and efficiently. If you’re someone who likes to take their time and socialize with each patient, this may not be the ideal position. 

In the United States, job growth for phlebotomy is expected to be approximately 17.3% between 2019 and 2029, making this a very employable field. For more information about phlebotomy, check out the infographic below. 

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