We all find ourselves in situations that test our patience and our tempers, yet, if we give in to these emotions, it never usually makes these situations better. In fact, if you lose your temper at a situation that is out of your control, it can lead to worse feelings for days afterward and leave a poor taste in your mouth (metaphorically of course).

Luckily, we don’t have to give in to our emotions – we shouldn’t deny them, as everyone has the right to their feelings – but it’s how we act on them that makes us the person we are.

Managing your emotions can be difficult, especially if you feel your emotions quite strongly and are someone that others can read like an open book. To make the process easier, we’ve collected some inspiring ways to help remind you to be a better person in your day to day life and feel better about yourself.

Take a Breath

Feeling overwhelmed or like a tightly wound spring? These feelings can come about through a multitude of emotions although are often tied to negative emotions such as anger. When you start to feel like this, stop talking, excuse yourself and take a minute or two to focus on taking a few deep breaths. You can count in and out with your breath to help redirect your mind and then when you start to feel the tension easing, you can re-approach the situation that contributed to these feelings in the first place.

Look for Ways to Help

We aren’t alone in the world, in fact, there’s a considerable amount of living beings on this planet – and that’s not just talking about the almost 8billion humans. We share this world with an abundance of living creatures, from the smallest insect to the great elephants and there is always someone or somewhere in need of assistance. Look out for charity causes near you or look for organizations that help support people or animals outside your home country. This website, for example, provides a donation platform for people to contribute to helping orphans, those affected by severe poverty or those trapped in countries of crisis and conflict.

Let Go of Grudges and Anger

Learning to let go of grudges and anger are important – not for the sake of others, but for the sake of yourself. When you hold onto your anger at someone else, it can take over your life, causing you to develop stress ulcers and even lead to depression and anxiety.

A fantastic quote about resentment and anger talks about holding a grudge as though “you have taken poison with the expectation of it hurting the other person.” Or simply, that anger you hold onto is damaging you, emotional and mentally and isn’t likely to be affecting the other person at all.

Forgive often – you don’t have to forget what has happened but instead use it as teaching moments for yourself and others. Just don’t let it loom over you like an unrelenting storm cloud of worry, you deserve better.

Be Polite and Respectful

This may seem like an obvious option but too often in public do we encounter someone who could have taken 5 seconds to say please, thank you or even ask how you are today (in regard to retail and food exchanges for instance) but do not.

Not only can it sour a mood for everyone involved but it’s unnecessary and more beneficial for everyone when the exchange is pleasant. The next time you are out in public, exchange smiles with people that walk by, greet a server warmly or simply remember to use your Ps and Qs. Not only will you feel better in yourself, but you might also just make someone’s day with such a simple gesture.

Depending on what you believe, this might be our only life on this planet – at least at the moment – so make it count. Be the sort of person you’d want to be friends with and don’t forget, the coolest people are usually the ones that look out for others unconditionally and always have time to help someone in need. Be that person and be a better you, today.

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