So, I know what you’re thinking right now “how in the world am I suppose to do that?! I just spilled my morning coffee and I’m already late for work.” (Insert pissed off emoji in that update on your Facebook status. )
But, you see that moment where you stopped right there and took a moment for your self even if it’s a silly thing like updating social media is a moment that was needed. Those are the moments when I feel like the world has backed me up into a karmic corner of a disaster at every turn I’ve come to appreciate it.
Here is how you can find moments of bliss even when having a flat tire or when you run out of dry shampoo.

It Calmed Me Down

So, it’s a hell of a morning already right? Well, this horrible morning is really making me take a breath if I don’t stop and collect myself I’ll be taking it out on an innocent person that has nothing to do with my walking trash pile of a life right now.

It changed my thinking process

You might immediately go to those self-destructive thought processes like an inner crutch almost. “Well, there is no way my day is gonna get any better.” Also, going to thoughts about how I am incompetent how I could never be enough. You will have to cut ties with that horrible thought process. When you take a moment to breathe, let all the dark stuff slip away and realize it’s okay to not do all the things. You are only one person and maybe you shouldn’t have been carrying so much on your plate, to begin with.

Listen more and speak less

A lot of people might attribute having a shitty day to outside influences or just bad karma. But, we are the primary cause of our own hot mess express. By, rushing past other people or events like we are listening but, not really. By interrupting eager to overly express and then move on. Take a moment and really listen to what your friend has to say, you might find you appreciate her more than you already do.

It will make you more thankful

So, after you let go of anger, realized it’s okay to be imperfect and perk your listening ears instead of scrolling Instagram and hating life, you will become so damn thankful. There are no more comparisons, you find your confidence going up and your tolerance for haters going down. With a more positive thinking process, you find your self in a better mood these days. Bye, bye depression. You don’t take your relationships for granted. We spend so much time thinking we have more time. But, when we listen more and speak less we are deepening those relationships with ourselves, our family and our friends.

You start to see a much bigger picture

You can really be honest with yourself, and not think the world is ending over just a bad day. Finding gratitude can be the most humbling experience while in a shitty situation. Give it a shot you might find it changes your life.
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