Knowing what’s going on with your brain and body is essential to any healthy living effort. After all, how else will you know what old habits to break and new ones to enforce, or the right day-to-day changes to make? You know you feel stressed a lot, and you pick up coughs and colds very easily, but what are the underlying causes? 

It’s a guessing game without having access to information about your health. And that’s the first of our reasons why it’s so important to know what’s going on regarding your health. It’s not just a case of listening to a doctor and following orders – it’s best to understand why certain treatments are recommended, and why you need to take this medication over another, and you should always be able to find out what a symptom might mean. 

And while you might not understand everything about the healthcare you need to go through, at least you’ll know why. Indeed, it’s ridiculous just how many people feel stupid when sitting in a doctor’s office! But not for much longer; here are some other reasons why it’s so important to know your stuff. 

You Should Be in Charge of Your Care

You’re the one who lives in your body and has to cope with your health 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means you should be in charge of your care! You know your own lived experience like no other, meaning you should have the top say in when and where tests and treatments occur. 

So if you don’t know anything about your health, especially if you live with a chronic condition, it’s going to be next to impossible to advocate for yourself. Without this knowledge on your side, you won’t feel like you’re in charge of what happens next, and often that’s the most important part of choosing a healthcare plan. 


Control the Conversation

There’s an old saying about ‘knowledge being power’ – the same is true when it comes to health. Don’t let yourself feel pushed out. Don’t let a healthcare team have a conversation around you. Speak up and be heard, using the research you’ve done on symptom types, condition names, and the best treatments according to your health statistics. 

You’re no doctor and can’t diagnose yourself, but you can specifically ask for certain accommodations or processes to occur to put your mind at rest. The more you know now, the more productive an appointment can be. 


You Need to Know What to Ask For

You’re the one who has to fill out a prescription, follow the advice given by a doctor, and ultimately pass on medical information to anyone else involved in your care. Because of this, you need to know what to ask for! 

And without a bit of research, these can be hard questions to answer. From requesting new medications, reaching out for mental or physical help, and even being put in touch with information resources, you need the right words. 

You won’t be able to query current eczema treatments if you find it hard to understand your prescription, or if you don’t even know why you’ve been prescribed something in the first place. So be sure to read the information sheet on the inside, and always ask the pharmacist or call a nurse when you’re unsure.


You’re Less Likely To Be Afraid of Questions

And if you decide it’s right to call someone, remember this one thing: the more you know about your health, the more you’ll be able to talk to your doctor. You’ll be able to ask specific questions, even ‘embarrassing’ ones, and you won’t find it hard, to sum up, the courage to do so. 


If that’s something you often struggle with, informing yourself is the easiest way to empower yourself long before you get into the room with a medical professional. And if a doctor has a few questions for you, it won’t be hard to sit up and tell the truth about what you’re going through! 


Being informed about your health sounds simple, but in reality, it can be very hard. Talking to medical professionals can be complicated, getting answers can be slow, and the internet is often no help! But if you keep trying, you’ll find your healthcare quality getting a lot better. See if the reasons above are enough to convince you. 

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