The benefits of maintaining a healthy weight are almost limitless. More energy, less strain on your organs, and reduced risk of some of the worst conditions are just a few. But losing weight is challenging and can take a long time. But there are ways you can accelerate weight loss.

Weight Loss Surgery

You might think getting surgery for your weight loss is a little like cheating. But some fatty tissues can take years to reduce. Additionally, your weight might make it extremely challenging for you to begin to exercise, such as morbid obesity. In extreme cases, diet and exercise aren’t enough. Fortunately, treatments like bariatric surgery can help you eat less by making your stomach smaller. Additionally, treatments such as liposuction will remove excess fats that are difficult to reduce with exercise alone.

Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins and minerals are fantastic for all kinds of reasons. If you eat a healthy diet, you will get most of what you need. But sometimes, you need a little help. And some are excellent for losing weight. For example, b vitamins and vitamin C provide a range of health benefits. But they also improve your metabolic rate, which is essential for losing weight. Additionally, compounds in certain foods and drinks stabilize your weight. These include the catechins found in green tea and caffeine in coffee. Further, high protein foods are great for delaying the feeling of hunger.

Understanding Your Psychology

Your diet and exercise goals, and whether you succeed at them, might come down to your psychology. Poor body image could make you lose self-esteem in an increasingly image-centric world. And your favorite unhealthy foods provide the comfort you need. Additionally, stress at work and home has been linked to increased weight. You can take the necessary steps to begin your weight loss journey by addressing the underlying cause of your weight gain and your relationship with food. Services like Noom can help change food-related behaviors.

BONUS: Things to Avoid

Only you can manage your weight. You need to understand that you aren’t 100% responsible for your excess weight. Many external factors increase your weight, cause you to eat more, or cause you to put off exercising. When trying to lose weight, some things to avoid include:

  • Comparing yourself to someone else’s look and lifestyle.
  • Trying to do it alone without support from friends and family.
  • Thinking you only need to eat tasteless vegetables and low-fat food.
  • Expecting quick and easy results.
  • Placing yourself in stressful situations that cause you to comfort eat.

It would help if you got as much support as you could. Family is great, but personal trainers at the gym are there to help and will never turn you away or make fun of you. So, don’t be afraid of joining. However, you need to put in the work, and you won’t lose your excess weight in weeks.

10 Minutes More Exercise

Although losing weight takes a long time and requires effort, you can speed it up with a little more work. It can be challenging when you begin exercising, and it will hurt if you haven’t done much before. However, it doesn’t take long to get used to it, and you will begin to enjoy it. Once you have found your preferred routine and established a solid plan, give it an extra ten minutes. Just ten minutes will help you burn off even more calories and reach your weight loss goals a bit quicker. But remember, those extra lost calories don’t mean another slice of cake!

Healthy Eating 

Of course, exercise is only part of the plan for losing weight. It would be best if you began eating a healthy diet. Your efforts will be for nothing if you exercise every day, eat fatty burgers, pizzas and drink cola. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. This means low-calorie meals and drinks. But low-calorie recipes aren’t terrible. In fact, you can eat pretty much what you usually would by preparing healthier versions yourself. However, it’s best to avoid energy drinks, as they burst with calories.¬†

Weight Loss Apps and Services

You could put in masses of effort into your exercise and weight loss. Still, tracking how many calories you have taken in can get confusing or challenging. Fortunately, like everything these days, there’s an app for that. Apps like MyFitnessApp are excellent for tracking your daily goals. And smartwatches have apps for tracking your heart rate and counting steps. With modern technology, there’s an almost endless number of options available. And you can even subscribe to food services like Hello Fresh for low-calorie recipes you can prepare yourself.


Losing weight is challenging for almost everyone. However, you can boost your goals with surgery to get you started. Additionally, vitamins and compounds can help maintain your metabolism. And you can begin with apps and services for tracking and managing calories.

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