Our health is very important to us, yet we’re still not great at making the best choices when it comes to looking after our health and wellbeing. Here are some things you can do today, that can make you feel better and kickstart your wellbeing.

Make your medical appointments

Keeping up to date with your routine appointments is one of the best ways of looking after your health. It’s proactive, and if there are any issues, they are more likely to be caught earlier. Schedule any dental appointments with http://www.mpdsmiles.com/ to get your teeth looked at. Make appointments with the optometrist and your doctor for a routine physical. If you need to, arrange your smear test too. 

Drink more water

Get yourself a big glass of water and get hydrated. Many people are chronically dehydrated without even realizing it. Drinking enough water is good for your skin, digestion, energy levels, and concentration. It’s free and it makes you feel fantastic. 

Go to bed early 

Sleep is fantastic for your overall health. Not only are you getting rest, but it also lowers your stress levels, helps you recover from illness and exertion, improve your immune system and improve your memory. 


Rather than burning the midnight oil with work, or laying on the sofa watching the TV, go to be early and see what a difference it makes. 

Go for a walk

Today’s lifestyles are very sedentary. Sitting at desks, hunched over computers, and then spending our evenings on the sofa. Finding ways of incorporating more movement into your day is great for your overall health. Walking is easy to do and can get the blood pumping. A good walk can clear your mind and invigorate you. 

Turn off your electronics

If you live your life on your laptop and phone, then you could be coming addicted. Try and be present in the moment and turn off your phone. Rather than spending the night scrolling or constantly being 0interrupted by alerts, just turn it off and forget about it. It might feel a little weird at first, but then you’ll feel liberated. 

Read a book

When was the last time you picked up a book? Reading has so many benefits for your mind and stress levels. Reading fiction has particular benefits. As well as being swept up in a story, it can develop empathy and emotional intelligence in people as well as the imagination. 


Getting out of bed and having a good stretch can really set you up for the day. It can release pent-up tension, warms up the muscles, and gets the blood flowing through your muscles. 

You can also stretch before bed in order to help you wind down for the day and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. 

Final thoughts

We all know that we should take care of ourselves, but it can feel a little overwhelming to think about all of the things we should be doing or eating. So why not do something right now that can make you feel better almost instantly and build up from them. 


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