The right morning routine can set you up for the day. But if you are someone that drags yourself out of bed for a coffee and takes a long time to come around, can make a massive difference to how you wake up and tackle the day. 


This is something that may seem low on the priority list, however, it’s something that everyone needs to do to make sure that they are looking after their oral health. Plenty of dental services talk about the importance of flossing and it’s such a key part of getting ready for the day.

Foam Rolling

This is a great way to increase blood flow and improve your range of motion. It will also loosen your muscles, which will make a massive difference if you have been sleeping in an uncomfortable position. 

Drink a Glass of Water

It’s very simple, but you haven’t drunk any water since you went to sleep last night! Drinking a pint of water is almost like lubricating the engine. You may want that coffee, but remember that coffee can dehydrate you. After your cup of coffee, have some water with a little bit of sea salt. This is because coffee acts as a diuretic, which means that you will get rid of a lot of sodium in your body, which is crucial for transporting many nutrients around the body.

Do Some Deep Breaths

This is a very popular practice, and if you wake up feeling like you’ve been short of breath because you’ve been lying down all night, a deep breathing routine such as the Wim Hof method is a great way for you to bring more oxygen into your body. The more oxygen you bring in, the more awake you will feel and will be more than ready to tackle the day!

Take a Cold Shower 

This is definitely a shock to the system, but if you are someone that struggles to come around, this is a wonderful way to get you into the moment. There are so many benefits to having cold showers, and you can either do this, or go for a contrast shower, where you have it as hot as you can tolerate, and then switch the dial to cold.

Do a Quick Meditation

For anybody that’s constantly in a rush, there will be a moment when you need to sit down for a second (probably in the bathroom)! There is an app called Reveri that specializes in 30-second hypnosis sessions, and as long as you can dedicate this amount of time in the morning, you can build up a very positive habit that will make a big difference in your quality of life.

Perform Isometrics

A lot of morning routines talk about the importance of exercise, and yes it is great for your health, but if you struggle to get out and go for a run, isometrics are things you can do sitting down. Isometrics is tensing a muscle and you are working it as much as you would when you are doing a proper physical workout.


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