We all want to take good care of our teeth. Not only is toothache painful, but gum disease can ravage our mouths and our looks. That’s why we all aim to do whatever we can to look after our oral health, from brushing regularly to avoiding certain foods, but if you’ve been avoiding any of the foods in this post, you may have been making a mistake because they are surprisingly good for your teeth.


Permanent tooth whitening is perhaps best done by a professional like the team at Von Chan DDS. However, it is worth noting, that strawberries, which many people avoid thinking they are too sweet and sugary for the teeth, are actually a great whitening agent. How does that work? They contain malic acid, which is a well-known whitening agent, so although they might stain your white shirt pink, they will actually brighten up your teeth if you eat them regularly.


If you’re looking for a tooth-friendly end to your meal., ditch the dessert and hit up the cheese plate instead. Why? Because not only is cheese full of calcium, which as you will know, is one of the key building blocks of your teeth but also because cheese can balance the PH of your mouth, removing any acid leftover from a meal, which means it’s almost as good as brushing… well not quite, but you can hardly whip out your toothbrush in that fancy restaurant now can you?


An apple a day may keep the doctor at bay, but it may also keep the dentist away too. Although it’s true that an excessive amount of fruit consumption can be bad for teeth due to their acidic content, fruits like apples and pears contain a large amount of water and fiber, which means, as you eat them, you produce a great deal of saliva, which will effectively wash away plaque and bacteria from your teeth.

Chewing gum

Providing that it’s sugar-free, chewing gums after a meal could be a great thing for your teeth, Like apples, it will help you to produce more saliva, and saliva is great for keeping your teeth clean, it’s as simple as that.


You might not know this, but almonds are a fantastic source of protein and calcium, which means they are one of the best snacks for strengthening your teeth. Just make sure that you brush and floss around 30 minutes after eating them, if possible because they can quite easily get stuck between the teeth.


You might think this is no surprise since yogurt is packed with calcium, but what might surprise you is that the main reason yogurt is so good for your teeth is that they contain a large amount of prebiotics. Prebiotics are great at fighting gum disease by killing bacteria that cause cavities and other issues in the mouth.


Eat these six foods regularly and your teeth will be in the best shape they’ve ever been!

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