This has been a significant decade for me, marked by major changes including leaving the religion I was raised in. Without that identity, I found myself unsure of who I was, what I wanted, or where I was going. However, this also presented me with the opportunity to be and do anything I wanted as a young adult with a blank slate. I worked hard to become the person I am today and will continue to strive to be the best version of myself.

Reflecting on the strategies that have helped me grow and find happiness, I’ve identified the following five tips:

  1. Read and learn about everything that interests you. I didn’t know what my passions were, but I knew I was curious about everything. I spent my free time researching, reading, listening to lectures and debates, and exploring any questions I had. This helped me form opinions and sparked deeper curiosity, making learning my favorite hobby.
  2. Appreciate the little things. I started to notice and appreciate things I hadn’t before, such as the vibrant colors of flowers, the way the sun hits the grass in the morning, or the sound of birds singing at sunrise. I realized that these simple pleasures are what make life worth living, and I try to remind myself of this every day.
  3. Do what makes you happy. This could be a hobby, a job, or a person. Find what brings you joy and fully engage in it. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and we never know what tomorrow will bring. So make the most of today, whether that means living with love, lust, gratitude, or laughter. Remember that happiness is something we create for ourselves, and hope keeps us youthful and free.
  4. Be good to others. It may sound simple, but the feeling of helping someone who can’t repay you is unbeatable. We can leave a positive legacy by being kind and compassionate to those around us. While none of us are perfect, we can all strive to make the world a better place through love and understanding.
  5. Let go. It’s a common piece of advice, but it’s true: if you don’t let go, you’re not living. Let go of grudges, past events, and regrets. Use them as opportunities to learn and grow, but don’t let them hold you back. Holding on to these things only causes pain and doesn’t serve you in any way. Let them go and move forward.

In summary, these five strategies have helped me navigate major changes and find happiness and personal growth. Whether you’re dealing with a major life transition or just looking for ways to improve your well-being, I hope these tips can be of help to you as well. Remember to find and pursue your passions, appreciate the little things in life, do what makes you happy, be kind to others, and let go of things that don’t serve you. With these strategies in mind, you can live a life you’re proud of and make the most of each day.

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Stephanie is President of A Better Today Media & Publishing. She's a Communications Director, Media & Events Coordinator, Social Media Consultant, and Executive Producer.

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