Self-care. It’s become a bit of a buzzword over the last year or so. People finally understand the benefits of looking after number one. But as with any trend, the initial idea starts to lose meaning. And it becomes more about posting enviable pictures of bubble baths under the guise of self-care rather than the honest roots the idea grew from.

Now, if a bubble bath is your perfect idea of taking care of yourself. Then you do you. But it doesn’t fit the bill for all of us. Sometimes we need something a little more. Below, you’ll find 5 ways that you can do self-care easily (you might even find that you’re already doing some of them). Take a look. 

  • Alone Time

Not everyone likes to be alone. Some are social butterflies who thrive off interaction. Others have been practicing the art of being alone for so long that they have it down to a fine art. But the first steps of truly taking care of yourself involve getting up close and personal.

Learning to be comfortable on our own and in our own skin does wonders for our mental health. It gives us time to digest everything that’s happening in our days, especially right now, as lots of us have had our lives turned upside down. And lets us form productive ways to tackle any hurdles we might face. It’s rejuvenating, calming, and helps you focus on what your body and mind need. 

At the very heart of having alone time is learning to love who we are as people. The more time you spend alone doing whatever you please helps us do this.

  • Time To Pamper

Self-care can be as basic as just taking care of ourselves. Modern life is a whirlwind, and it can be much easier to take care of others. And we fall by the wayside. So make a little time to treat yourself.

How you treat yourself is entirely up to you. Maybe you love fashion, and a shopping spree on Asos fits the bill. Or a trip to the Spa for fancy massages and facials is right up your street. It could even just be a trip to Pony Express Dental to get your smile shining. Do a little something for you that lets you know that you’re important too. 

  • Build Knowledge

To get through in life, arming ourselves with knowledge is a great way to exude confidence. Have you ever been having a chat with friends, and you can feel the topic going over your head? Reading up on daily news, social issues, or even becoming a history buff can give you confidence in yourself. And building confidence is a great foundation for self-care activities that work.

Not only will it help you feel more confident, but learning about things that matter to you is life-affirming. It helps you feel switched on and a part of the bigger picture. And reading is a pretty nice way to pass the time. 

  • Do The Work

In any field that deals with mental health, you’ll often hear people say they’re ‘doing the work.’ Basically, all they’re saying is they’re working on themselves and dealing with any issues that might be holding them back in life mentally or physically.

Doing the work can sound overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. You could start by keeping a journal to help sort through your day and the emotions you’ve felt. That way, you can identify issues and deal with them, but you can also celebrate the wins. If that’s a big step, try writing 3 positive things that happened at the end of each day. When you’re struggling, it can be a really productive way to see the good in the world. And looking after yourself mentally is what self-care is all about. 

  • Get Passionate

Hold your horses; this isn’t going the way you think. While getting busy is great for releasing happy endorphins and getting rid of stress, that’s not the kind of passion we’re talking about.

Get passionate by doing the things you love. Do something that brings real joy into your life. Get the paintbrush out if you’re creative. Try brushing up your baking skills if you’re a cake lover. Or even getting stuck into some good films for film buffs can be enough to bring a little joy. It can be big or small, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re doing something you love. 

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