It is common for people to sit and wonder what the day of their engagement is going to be like. Likewise, if you are trying to plan an engagement, you might be trying your best to make sure that it’s perfect.

But, without talking to your partner and finding out what would make it truly special for them, how are you supposed to know how to do this? Well, we’ve come up with four things that will make any engagement perfect, all you need to do is tailor it to your loved one.

The Setting

By this, we mean, where the question is asked. ‘Will you marry me?’ are four of the most nerve-wracking words to say to someone, and often some of the happiest ones to hear for the one who is being proposed to. So, you need to make sure that you have thought about a place that has significance to your relationship. You can take your partner where you had your first date or where you had your first kiss. There are so many options to make it special and personal to your relationship.

This shows that a lot of thought has gone into the proposal and this in itself is enough to make anyone swoon.

The Ring

You need to try your best to get a ring that your partner would like. If you know that big diamonds and flashy rings are what your partner is interested in, you could look at Celebrity Engagement Ring Trends 2018 has seen to find the right kind of ring. Or, if you think that you know you could pick something that they would adore, just stick with your gut.

While the ring is important, it is not the most crucial part. If you try your best to get the perfect ring then this is enough for your partner to feel loved. It is not the end of the world if they don’t like the ring, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your best to make sure that they do.

The Surprise

Make the entire thing a surprise. Your partner should never see it coming and this is what makes a lot of engagements so special. The look of genuine surprise and happiness is one of the most beautiful parts about an engagement so you need to do this if you can. If you think that your partner has caught a whiff of your plans, throw them off the scent immediately. Don’t come on too strong here though, or they may think that you don’t want to get married at all.

The Thought

Ultimately, the most wonderful thing about an engagement is going to be how much thought you have put into it. If you just throw a ring over and say ‘ah go on marry me’ this is not going to scream well planned and thoughtful. Make sure that you tailor the experience to your partner because if everything goes right, they are never going to experience another engagement.


We hope that after reading this article, you feel as though you know four of the things that done right, will make any engagement perfect.

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