If you’re one of those girls who always seems to attract the wrong life partners; there is a chance you won’t know the right one when he comes along. It would be a real shame if you overlooked someone who could make you happy for the rest of your life, and so this post is designed to help you spot that special someone and hang onto them for as long as possible. 

They keep trying to make you laugh

Laughter is the food of love according to https://thoughtcatalog.com and other sites, and if you meet someone who tries to make you smile and giggle all the time; there is a chance they are attempting to flirt with you. Of course, that isn’t always the case, and so you need to consider other factors before making an assumption. However, if someone is willing to go to the effort of making you smile and laugh every time they see you; they’re probably head over heels. Speak to that person and ask them if they would like to arrange a date with you. Maybe you could go to the Comedy Store or somewhere similar?

They seem to want to know about your interests

Let’s face it. We all have lots of boring and dull interests that should not seem appealing to other people. Perhaps you have lots of Magic the Gathering cards at home? Maybe you enjoy spending hours in the bath playing smartphone games like the one available at www.finalfantasyxvapp.com? In any normal situation, people are not interested in those aspects of your life. However, that special someone will probably download all the same games so they can talk to you about them the next time they see you. That is a sign you should pay attention to that person.

They say something kind and caring when you’re feeling down

The most obvious thing to look for is someone who tries to cheer you up whenever you feel down or upset. They are most certainly life partner material, and you shouldn’t let them out of your sight. When all’s said and done, life is upsetting, and we all face many heartaches in the future. Having someone by your side who is willing stand by you through thick and thin and help to make you feel better whenever something goes wrong is fantastic. Keep that person close at hand.

So, if you notice any of the things mentioned on this page; there is a chance you might have met someone special who deserves more of your time and attention. Arrange some dates with them to see how you get on as a couple, and you might even end up settling down together if everything goes well. 

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