You’re in a relationship with someone you really care about, and everything is going great. You work well together, you’re both on the same page, but there’s one element of the relationship that’s not as healthy as you’d like. 

Sex is a key part of every relationship, after all, it’s what separates two people from being really close friends or an actual couple. Therefore, when someone in the relationship suffers from a low sex drive, it can cause a bit of friction. You feel like you’re letting your partner down and aren’t able to be with them as much as you’d like. While low sex drives are common, there are typically a few usual suspects that cause them. Identify the culprit of your low sex drive and you can work on improving the situation. 


Stress & anxiety

Mental health issues have a direct impact on your sex drive. If you are suffering from a lot of stress or anxiety, the chances are your libido will be very low. Your body simply isn’t in the right state to create the hormones needed to make you sexually active. In this situation, you need to figure out what’s causing your stress or anxiety and work on fixing it. Reduce your stress, feel less anxious, and your sex drive will soon return. 


A lack of sleep

Similarly, a lack of sleep can cause your sex drive to decrease. Why? Again, it’s all to do with hormonal imbalances, and sleepless nights can cause these. The reproductive hormones in your body are produced less and less, and you also just generally feel exhausted and too tired to want any action. Thankfully, the solution is simple; get more sleep. Okay, it’s simple in theory, but getting more sleep can be hard for some people. If you struggle with insomnia, consider trying things like pure CBD oil to help you relax and get to sleep every night. If you don’t struggle to sleep but still get very little sleep, your issue is more schedule-based. Fix your sleeping pattern so you’re getting a good 8 hours per night. 


Certain medications

Are you currently taking any medication? Did you recently start taking said medication? Did you notice sex drive issues after taking this medication? If the answer is yes to all of these questions, you’re pretty much found the culprit. Many types of medication can cause a loss of libido, with high blood pressure and antidepressant medications being two of the most common. If this is your problem, perhaps you should look at more natural ways of treating the problems you have, meaning you don’t need to keep taking medication. In fact, sometimes, the mere recognition that medication is causing the issue is enough to help your sex drive. By realizing it’s not a problem with you, you start to worry less and might feel better. 


Having a low sex drive isn’t abnormal and it is common. You don’t need to be stuck with one forever; if it’s wearing down on your relationship, you can find the cause of your lack of libido to increase your sex drive once more.

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