While aging is inevitable, you can make the process as healthy as possible. That means not worrying about diabetes, arthritis, heart issues, lack of energy, chronic pain, poor mental health, and other health issues that come with aging. A recent study shows that nearly 95% of the older population has at least one chronic health issue. Aside from their damaging effects on the body, chronic health issues can also drain your finances, making it difficult to live the peaceful, quiet, and happy life you deserve.

Don’t let this stage get the best of you. The following tips can help men stay healthy as they age.

  • Start supplementing


While most aging men can get all the nutrients they need from food, consider speaking with your doctor about important supplements you can take. Your doctor can discuss your diet and lifestyle to uncover a regimen that’s best for you. Aging men, in particular, need more magnesium, omega fatty acids, and certain amino acids, which the body burns quickly due to a faster metabolism. Other supplements you may need depend on your health issues or medications.

You may also want to consider some anti-aging supplements to reverse the effects of cellular aging, a decline in organ function, oxidative stress, immune system changes, and mitochondrial dysfunction. Such supplements can encourage cellular renewal, help combat free radicals, and maintain healthy-looking skin by filling the body with collagen-boosting substances, antioxidants, and essential vitamins. 

  • Stay at a healthy weight


According to research, men over 60 years have a 78.4% chance of being classified as overweight. The same research shows that 37.1% of men 60 and over are obese. Being overweight means being more prone to chronic health conditions like joint pains, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and fatigue. And all these can significantly diminish the quality of your life, not to mention costing you lots of money on medication and treatment.

That’s why you need to stay at a healthy weight as you age. Always ensure that you eat healthy and stay physically active by exercising often. Understandably, finding the energy to stay active can be challenging when you’re older. But proper nutrition, drinking lots of water, and energy supplements can help. You can also take advantage of testosterone replacement therapy to help give you the energy and daily drive you need. Read more about how testosterone therapy can help you from this site

  • Get annual health exams


The older you get, the more proactive you need to be about your health. Seniors are more prone to many health conditions, and the best way to avoid them is by getting regular health checks, at least annually. These visits can help you avoid potential and expensive health issues in the future.

For example, you can only find out if you have high blood pressure by getting checked regularly. Other male health concerns like prostate cancer can quickly emerge undetected. Only regular health exams can prevent that. Some common health conditions you should screen for include diabetes, colon cancer, testicular cancer, blood cholesterol, obesity, and even depression. 


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