Your parents were there for you when you first began exploring the world- at first on all fours and then eventually on two feet. They helped you take those shaky first steps in your infancy and have been at your side holding your hand ever since.

When they weren’t there to do this physically, you can bet they were doing so metaphorically. However, when they are in their dotage, you can be that same sturdy guiding presence by their side in helping them recover their lost mobility.

Mobility Matters!

It’s no secret that as we get older we face a different set of risks to both our physical and psychological well being. As elderly people find it increasingly difficult to get around both within their own homes and out in public, they can become isolated and withdrawn. This lack of social interaction can lead to an increased risk of depression as well as an increased likelihood of cognitive deterioration and dementia. 

Here are some ways in which you can help one or both parents lead happier, healthier and more active lives…

Help them find a reliable and dignified walking cane

If a parent is suffering from stiffness, immobility and joint pain or if they simply aren’t as steady on their feet as they used to be (our muscles do grow weaker as we age), a cane can make a big difference. It can give them that little bit of extra stability and confidence they need while walking while also making for a rather stylish accessory. Check out some of these canes for sale. Seeing it as a fashionable accessory might make style-conscious parents less reticent to use a cane.  

Wheelchair or scooter? Help them to know their options

Both scooters and wheelchairs have their inherent advantages and caveats and it’s essential for parents to know their options. Scooters can be very helpful for seniors with mobility issues but also require a degree of strength and dexterity to use. Wheelchairs, on the other hand, are more suited to use around the home and are more helpful to parents who find it difficult to sit up independently. 

You’ll need to factor in a range of issues to help them make an informed choice from their height and weight to where they’ll be using their mobility aid to get to. If your Dad plans to roam the great outdoors on a new scooter, for example, this will have implications on the kind of scooter he needs and the cruising range of which it’s capable. If you’re looking for something reliable for your Mom to do her grocery shopping in, you’ll want to consider something with plenty of storage space.

Car mods- Which are the right fit for them?

Your parent’s automobile is still the key to living an active and social life. But as we get older and more infirm, even the most faithful car can become prohibitive. Find out what modifications can be made to their beloved vehicle to make it easier to enter, exit and drive. 

Healthy weight means better mobility

Finally, the less weight we’re carrying the less pressure we place on the muscles and joints that support us. If your parents are overweight or obese, helping them to get to a healthy weight will be of great help in ensuring that they lead a more active and mobile lifestyle.

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