Summer – the season when we most want to lose weight and when all our temptations are presented to us at once. From backyard barbecues to ice cream, summer food is known to be extra tempting. Not to mention that summer is beer and cocktail season, which just add to the calories. But this doesn’t mean that your summer has to go to waste. Here are three key things that you can do to maximize weight loss in summer:

Eat summer superfood

Superfood is food packed in vital nutrients and antioxidants. It speeds up your metabolism, boosts your immune system, and is an overall booster for your health. Summer is the ideal time to stock up on superfood. Most superfood includes fruits and vegetables that mostly grow in summer.

Some summer superfood that you can try eating includes blueberries, which are high in antioxidants, watermelons, which are thought to prevent heart disease, and figs, which are a great source of fibers in your diet. On top of that, don’t forget to add copious amounts of lime to everything. It contains the all-important vitamin C. Coconut water is also a good way to keep hydrated during summer without consuming processed sugars.

You may be wondering: Superfood is healthy, but how does it exactly help weight loss? It works by providing the nourishment your body needs from small portions, thereby reducing your cravings for large portions of nutrient-poor food.

Start a new diet and exercise regimen

Summer is a perfect time to launch a new diet or exercise regimen. The warm weather is conducive to outdoor exercises such as running and hiking. Salt Lake City is famous for its wilderness, and there is no better time to explore than summer. You can venture out solo or join an outdoor exercise group, which will also help you make new friends. This is a good time to do water sports by hitting your local swimming pool or publicly accessible water body as it is officially swimming season.

You might find that many of these places are running summer courses that you can join. The renewed energy that summer provides is a perfect time to pick up a new diet regimen. Pick one that best suits you, such as the MD diet program in Salt Lake City, or simply follow a diet regimen based on the nutritionist’s suggestions. Vegetables and fruits are cheap. They are found locally in summer, so take advantage of that.

Try to go alcohol-free for a week

The long daylight hours of summer almost inevitably lead to drinks after work and pints downed in the beer gardens. Try to avoid packing the extra calories by going alcohol-free for a week, every other week. If you don’t want to feel left out at social gatherings, try to switch your cocktail for a mocktail or order some sparkling water. You are bound to feel hydrated and reinvigorated after the week.

The good weather we get for the four long months of summer is to be cherished. Armed with these strategies, you can make the most out of summer. Think about the fun times you will have at the beach, and these simple, effortless steps will seem much more rewarding.

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Andrea Wilson is a 25-year-old writer and artist who enjoys tea, reading and working out. You can find her in front of a book or at the gym.

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