Ever since we’ve been able to understand love, we’ve been fed this notion of how there’s someone out there for us and how it’ll all make sense when we meet them. This so called ‘soulmate’ who will soothe our fears and make the world seem right. And while some of us have been lucky to find that special someone, does that make the others less in any way? I would hope not but everyone has at at least one point in their life been on the receiving end of a sympathetic “you’ll find them” or “there’s someone for you out there”.

So what is this fascination behind finding “the one”? Even people who believe in soulmates agree that a soulmate needn’t be one person then why has the world and most importantly why have we told ourselves that we need to find the one for us?

I believe that each and every one of us is enough. We hold within ourselves the key to ourselves, our hopes, dreams and desires. We have the power to turn our thoughts into action and our actions into success stories. And it all begins with one thing, believing in ourselves. It’s only when we believe in ourselves that we can make progress and this applies for work, love, family, everything! So why is it so hard to do just that?

I think we are our own biggest critics, we’re too hard on ourselves. We need to love and trust ourselves before we can expect someone else to. So how about modifying this concept of “the one”? Why can’t we be “the one” for ourselves first? How about putting all that energy into making ourselves happy, self sufficient and independent? How about taking a chance on ourselves? How about loving ourselves? When we achieve that, I think that’s going to be a huge milestone, being happy and comfortable just as we are.

And if the universe brings us someone who loves us and someone whom we love back and if everything works out, that would be wonderful but as I see it that would be the proverbial cherry on the beautiful cake that is you. Just make sure that that “cherry” loves you for who you are and is your true partner in all your endeavors. Just make sure that they see the real you, they feel nothing short of love, rainbows and sunshine!

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