We all find that, as we set goals in life, the goalposts actually move. When we consider working in a philanthropist sense, by helping others or working for a charity, we think this is the short-cut to fulfillment. But will a philanthropic career actually fulfill you? Let’s answer the question.

What Is Your Philanthropic Career Choice? 

When we are looking to develop ourselves in a philanthropic sense, the fact of the matter is that there is a wide variety of career choices in the charity or philanthropic sector. You may think that you can go and work in HHC (Home Health Care) but acquiring HHC employment may require you to get specific skills. Therefore, if you want to work in the philanthropic career sector but you don’t have the skills, you may have to work in a job like administration. And, wherever you are, when you’re doing administrative tasks, it is still an administrative job, which is never the most fulfilling job. 

What Are You Looking for When You Define “Fulfilment?” 

When you are considering a career choice, the idea of helping others seems to be a shortcut to achieving some sense of fulfillment. But there are people who work in those sectors that experience a lack of job satisfaction. This may not be down to the job itself but could be due to a variety of external circumstances, such as how the people above treat them. And if you have bad employers, even if you’re doing something that is fulfilling, the joy may still be sucked out of the job. 

Choosing a Fulfilling Career in Any Sector 

You think that you want a fulfilling job, so you go straight towards getting a job with a homeless charity. But, as we’ve already mentioned, if you do not have supportive employers, you may not feel fulfilled. You can certainly work in a charity, but look at the causes and see if they fit your ethos. But you can also find fulfilling aspects of life in other career choices that aren’t charitable in the strictest sense.

No doubt, the pandemic has made many people think they want to work in healthcare because they want to give back in some way. But as we have seen, the pressures being placed upon healthcare staff can outweigh any personal fulfillment. You have to focus on the value of what the work can do. Therefore, you may find yourself being able to help others in different ways.

Many industries require you to work with a wide variety of people, which can be the challenge you’re looking for. When we define “fulfillment,” it’s not necessarily about being charitable or helping others, but it’s about helping ourselves.

In essence, when we are looking for a job that fulfills us, we start off by helping others, thinking this will fill the gaps in our lives. But we must remember that if we are looking for something fulfilling, it’s not necessarily about what others need, but about what we need.

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