An international school is one that provides a holistic education that adheres to global standards. It generally teaches a curriculum that is accepted worldwide and is usually based on a foreign board of education.

There are many different types of international schools in Manila, each teaching using different methods and formats. But generally, what they have in common is a focus on fostering a global mindset. There are many reasons parents opt to send their children to international schools.

Here are some of the biggest reasons you should consider this option for your child:

It leads to personal development

Going to an international school means getting exposed to a wide variety of other children coming from diverse cultures. International schools often attract children of expats and diplomats, which leads to cultural exchange in the classroom. This will ensure that your child grows up to be open-minded and exposed to different cultures and viewpoints.

They will also be more adaptable in today’s world, which requires people to be of a global mindset. Most workplaces are fast becoming multicultural. Children going to these schools will develop better communication skills, which will allow them to fit in with people from anywhere in the world.

They will avail of better opportunities

International schools have different exchange programs and opportunities that your child can make use of. There are schools that have branches all over the world, where it is possible to transfer to other international campuses. Some even have scholarship programs, which will support your child if they get admitted to an international university.

They also have a broad network of notable alumni, who can provide your child with invaluable connections and mentoring. These will help them when they apply for university or jobs, as well as make their academics more well-rounded.

The education is globally accepted

Perhaps the biggest reason parents send their children to international schools is the quality of the academics in these schools. They follow a global curriculum studied by students in hundreds of countries around the world. The curriculum is standardized and well researched, and classes are taught in a creative and interactive way.

When students from international schools apply to top universities in the world, the admissions board can easily understand their transcripts and compare them with those of other children. If their first language is not English, sending them to an international school will often mean that they will not have to take extra exams such as the IELTS or TOEFL to prove fluency because their medium of instruction will be in English.

It will give them a resume boost

Being from an international school will give your child a resume boost. Employers are more likely to be aware of their diverse background and think of them favorably. They consider these graduates to be more adaptable and flexible as employees. This will give them an upper hand in the job market.

These are some of the many reasons parents consider sending their children to an international school. International schools are places of learning and personal development. This fact is what makes them stand out.


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