I was born with Cerebral Palsy yes which makes ” Disabled ” in the social terms of wording.

But I refuse to call myself Disabled because there is nothing wrong with me I just have different abilities just like everyone else in the world we all have different wants and desires.

When you think about the word Disabled can You automatically come to the conclusion that a person can’t do much with it being the struggle.

But I refuse to see my condition as a struggle I see it as something that makes different and makes my life harder because I’m living my life to the best to live my life I’m an author advocate and radio show host.

Yes, I am disabled physically but mentally I’m not disabled I’m a young woman who has recently finished school who wants to travel the world sharing the stories of my life through the many books I will publish one day.

I also have the best of friends who inspire me daily and a supportive family

so I’m really disabled if you think about no but I’m labeled in this society where labels seem to matter more than what they really matter.

I have dreams and aspirations recently done with schooling I plan to explore to the world to the best of my ability I have plans to grow old and start a family someday.

So the being I’m not disabled I just have abilities but unfortunately, it’s often covered by the world labeling but I refused to call myself that.

Just because I’m not disabled I have different abilities, for example, I write each of my articles with text to speech and each of my chapters for my latest novels.

May have taken me a while but I get the job done so I wouldn’t consider myself to be differently abled but never disabled.

I have my difficulty sometimes where I feel like the world wasn’t made for me of course but I just keep on stomping on Cerebral Palsy like I always do and always say so what it comes to the label of being disabled I say no way to that and what it means to the world.

If I were to be called anything I would want to label as a woman who stomps on Cerebral Palsy each and every day because I’m my own champion and my own winner in life so, please don’t call me disabled because I am so much more than that

I would rather be labeled as an advocate and author who changed the world in order to make the world a better place for us all together instead of being labeled as someone who can’t or is it able or isn’t able to do such task.

To be truthfully honest I can do anything that comes my way I just have to adapt differently to it and the way the world is made.

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