We have to realize as a species, that we are unique. As much as we don’t want to regard ourselves as such, we are still animals. We’re a creature that doesn’t live like any other animal. Think about how our lives are structured for a second.

We wake up in the morning, not because we have to go and hunt for food or ward off any wild animals, but because we have to go to work for the next 8 hours. Then we have to drive or use public transport, be temporarily in strange unfamiliar places surrounded by people we don’t know.

On top of this our personal lives have their own stresses. Relationships, children, dieting and financial worries are all strange new worries in our time being living as a species. Civilization is very rare and has only really been around for maybe 5,000 years which is a minute length of time in comparison to how old the universe is. So life can become overwhelming to say the least. How do you cope with it?

Take pride in a hobby

The older you get, the more you realize that true happiness doesn’t always come from earning a big salary. In fact, it comes from doing the things we enjoy. Picking up a hobby can be your recluse activity whereby you shut out the rest of the world. You need to do this with full commitment.

Find something you really love doing first and slowly but surely seek to get better and better at it. It helps to focus the mind but also gives you a constant dose of endorphins because you’re in a happy calm state. It could be fishing, sports, painting, making movie reviews for YouTube, making music, learning skills like archery, playing chess, bird spotting etc.

Anything that will stir your mind, make you happy and erect a barrier up from the rest of the world so you can have some proper ‘you’ time.


Elbows in your back

Any tension you feel in your mind, it will eventually seep into your body. Your body will begin to feel sluggish and sensitive. That’s because the stress your body stores will form into balls or ‘knots’. This makes you even more tense, unable to move properly and creates chronic pain which doesn’t go away.

By going to a health and wellness hospice you can use their services of massage therapy. Often times, treating tension in the body will release tension in the mind and vice versa. If you need to have your muscles loosened, they can gently put some skilled hands to good use.

Smooth, gentle but firm elbows in the erector spinae muscles is a fantastic stress-reliever. While you’re in the hospice, you can also use their other services such as emotional support.  When life overwhelms you, take pride in just stepping back. Stop engaging with things for a moment and go do what you want without any guilt or shame. Getting a massage is a brilliant way to relieve tension in the mind and body at once.

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