There are many podcasts available now that have to do with relationships, a topic that is very popular just before Valentine’s Day.

However, here are five podcasts that not only deal with relationships, amongst a number of other topics, but are also hosted by couples, either for every episode or on occasion.

Relationship Theory, hosted by a married couple, Tom and Lisa Bilyeu, is part of Impact Theory. Episodes are usually released on a weekly basis and often respond to listener questions. Recently, they discussed how to handle arguments in this episode. You can also watch on YouTube and subscribe on iTunes. Episodes of Relationship Theory, as well as Impact Theory and Health Theory, are available on Spotify as well. Be sure to check out Women of Impact, too.

RISE Together is another podcast hosted by a couple: Rachel and Dave Hollis. It is part of the main podcast Rise. A great introduction is the Five Love Languages episode which discusses the book with author Gary Chapman. You can subscribe to these podcasts on iTunes, Soundcloud, or Stitcher.

The Open Sky Fitness discusses matters related to health and fitness and is hosted by Rob Dionne and his wife, Devon Dionne. New parents to a baby girl, you can often hear Charlie in the background as well. Their episodes are available on iTunes and Stitcher. Here is an episode about strength training which discusses the full body workouts versus split workouts.

Work Hard Play Hard is hosted by a retired chiropractor, Rob Murgatroyd with weekly Fri-Date episodes with his wife, Kim Murgatroyd. This episode is a discussion of ways to improve your relationship. You can subscribe on iTunes.

One final podcast to discover is Over It & On With It by Christine Hassler. She has recently begun to host special episodes with her partner Stefanos. This Coaches Corner episode features the couple reminiscing on how they met as well as advice on finding “the one.” You can subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, or Android.


These podcasts examples are a mere introduction to the many resources available on the Internet, both in audio and video format. Enjoy taking advantage of them for Valentine’s Day as well as part of daily practice for keeping your relationships healthy and growing.
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