The appointment you have next week, the list of things you need to accomplish, and the contact list that keeps you in touch. These are all examples of the need people have to become a more organized and efficient person.

And welcome August. The back to school plans have been laid out, the routine you let slide over the summer has reached the time where more structure is needed and a bit of creative energy is just ready for sharing.

How many little notes do you have laying around reminding you of this appointment or that one person’s number you jotted down and are now looking for it? Do you have short-term goals you are wanting to track your progress on?

I have used a planner daily for quite awhile and I have also gone without one at times.  In my experience, I know that I am more organized, more creative and more productive when I keep a planner.

Using a planner will help you by…

1. Staying organized and keep track of your appointments.
2. Keeping the numbers and addresses of contacts in one place.
3. Helping to achieve motivation as you commit to keeping on top of your daily tasks.
4. Bringing in a more creative tone in all you do.
5. Finding the reasons inside to keep on top of goals and allows you to keep learning.

The extra-ness of ushering in creativity and goal setting creates a whole new meaning to your planner. It becomes a part of your daily routine.

If you are unsure what planner is right for you, the following are my suggestions:


There are many others, but this is a great beginning. Finding the right planner to use creates a less cluttered life and makes it easier in so many ways.

I leave you with this haiku…

Plan every day
brings in creativity
and order daily

Blessings and bliss to all at this busy time.




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