Some men may be left wondering why they are having problems connecting with women and might be surprised to learn the real reasons they are experiencing trouble in the dating department.

After researching this topic, not to mention giving out lots of advice on the many relationship questions my followers have sent in on my blog, I have gone ahead and compiled a list of my own that reflects the most desirable traits women may be looking for in men. Although this list below is numbered from one to eight, please don’t assume that these traits are numbered by their level of importance, as the real reasons may not have anything to do with looks!

1. Looks – for obvious reasons looks are the number one trait of attraction. Liking someone’s physical attributes plays a key role in how people look at each other, and if there is an interest in one another.

2. Attraction – there must be some level of physical or chemical attraction to someone after you decide you like the way they look. Attraction is crucial for it determines if you decide to move ahead with spending time with someone. This can be a deal breaker if there are no flirty “pheromones” present.

3. A sense of humor – this goes a long way with women because they love men who can make them laugh, who are fun to be with and keep things interesting. No one likes to spend time with someone boring.

4. Sensitivity – sure women love a tough guy but they also need to possess a sensitivity factor as well. They need to know how to listen to a woman and understand their feelings. No woman enjoys being ignored when she is trying to explain her feelings to you. Sensitive men also tend to be a bit more romantic which most women love.

5. Successful – every woman wants a man to be a success in his professional life but that doesn’t necessarily mean he has to be a millionaire. It does mean they look for someone who has their life together, a good job and a place to live. All these things make a difference as a woman wants to feel like she is with someone who is self-sufficient and enjoys life.

6. Compatibility – women want to feel connected to someone on a deeper level and whether you start out as friends and it turns into something more, they desire a soulmate connection. To be compatible with someone is having common interests intellectually, spiritually and sexually. A connection that is deep and powerful and sets you apart from everyone else out there.

7. Intelligence – this trait may be one of the more important ones as you have heard the term “intelligence is sexy”, this statement could not be more true. Women are turned on and attracted to intelligent men and even if they are lacking in other areas, intelligence can make up for it.

8. Confidence – this is another trait that I would deem as highly important. Confidence is sexy in a man and this is a part of his personality and makes him who he is as a person. A confident man knows what he wants and knows how to get it. Nothing can be sexier to a woman.

Just remember these traits are individual with each person but keep in mind that confidence makes you who you are and how you present yourself to the world. It is of paramount importance and what people may remember most about you. And, never underestimate the power behind a good conversation.

Which Traits Make Men More Desirable to Women? - N.R Hart A Better Today Media

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