Preparing yourself for surgery of any kind is a scary thought. No matter how risk-free the surgery may be, there’s always that one worry that something could go wrong. To make the build-up to your surgery as stress-free as possible, here are some tips to .prepare yourself for surgery.

Take Time Off Work Before And After

It’s very important that regardless of how long or intense that this surgery is, it’s good to take time off work both before and after. You’re likely to be feeling anxious and nervous beforehand, and being at work may not be the right distraction. Try to book off time so that you can fully prepare yourself and get into the mindset that you’ll be having surgery. Afterward, there might be a varying degree of pain that you are in, and so it’s essential that you are taking time off after work to recover. You are not used to anyone in the state that you’re likely to be in, so rest up and get better sooner.

Share Your Feelings With Loved Ones

Whether you’ve been to the back doctor or it’s something to do with an organ in your body, the prospect of having surgery can be terrifying and without talking about it, you can end up feeling a lot worse. Surround yourselves with your loved ones and don’t be afraid to share those feelings of fear because they’ll be able to support you and talk you through your emotions. No one knows what you’re feeling until you’ve aired it out yourself, so be honest and don’t hold back. It will definitely make going into it, a lot more bearable than it likely feels right now.

Have Someone To Be There

Talking of loved ones, when you go into the hospital, it’s important you have someone there. There’s a great comfort in having someone to be at your bedside before you go in and having someone there when you wake up from your surgery. It’s that comfort of someone familiar just being in the room with you than having strangers be walking around you. A lot of us are unlikely to walk into a hospital very often, so it can be a very nerve-racking experience regardless.

Keep Yourself Positive

It’s hard to keep up your spirits when you’re having surgery, especially when it’s a type of surgery that is potentially going to help improve your health. Always keep positive because no matter how fearful you may be, you’re going to be in the safest of hands. Try to keep yourself feeling positive at all times and if you’re struggling, ring a friend or have a family member around to keep you company.

Try to distract yourself too when it comes to thoughts of the surgery, do it by reading a book or simply watching television. The more distracted you are from it, the less likely it’ll consume your every waking moment beforehand!

Take a deep breath and harness that positivity to give yourself the best wishes before going into surgery.

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