For most people, concentration and attention begin to waver more easily than ever. Our attention spans are growing shorter and shorter by the day, as we grow increasingly used to being able to have whatever it is that we want at our fingertips. Whether that be information, food, conversation, news, or entertainment, there’s a search engine, delivery app, social media page, newsfeed, or video streaming site on the nearest smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer that can satiate your desires in moments.

This impatience has spread to other areas of our lives though, and this can occasionally prove problematic. We skim read, skip to the best bits or most important parts of pretty much everything that we engage with. But there’s one area that we truly cannot afford to do this: health. When it comes to our health, we should be more vigilant than ever. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for to improve your overall wellbeing.


Medical Public Service Announcements

When certain illnesses or other health conditions are becoming more prominent in an area, it is likely that healthcare advertising will highlight its presence and ensure that you know exactly what to do should you begin to develop symptoms. So keep an eye out for posters and leaflets, or an ear open for radio and television commercials. There may be a newly recommended immunisation that you were previously unaware of. Make the most of the brilliant healthcare that we have here!


Information on Medication

Whenever you are prescribed medication of any sort, it will come packed in a box, bottle, or another container alongside a detailed information sheet. We’ve all thrown this sheet aside at least once in our lives without reading it. But it’s essential that you avoid doing this. Even if you have had the medication before, the instructions may have altered as pharmacists are able to view the effects of newer medicines as they go along. The information sheet should include information about profoundly important aspects of taking the product: side effects, recommended dosage, and instructions regarding whether you need to eat with your tablets or can go without. They can also alert you to whether you can drive or operate machinery while taking your tablets.


Food Nutrition Labelling

Increasing numbers of companies are beginning to show the nutritional value of food on its outer packaging, allowing you to know exactly what you are eating and can alert you to the possibly detrimental effects of a food substance on your fitness. Nutritional labelling allows you to balance what you should and shouldn’t consume in a given time. In general, opt for foodstuffs with low percentages of salt, saturated fat and sugar. It’s always fine to have a little treat every now and again, but for the most part, you should be aiming for as healthy a diet as possible.

So, if you’re partial to throwing the warning signs out without first consulting them, it may well be time for you to begin paying attention. It could make all the difference to you as an individual

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